Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Leaving April--By David Austin--United States

Leaving April

a break in the clouds
leafy crowd rustles
shadows rush

blue jay darts in
darts out
point of concern

David Austin is professional violinist and teacher, who communicates through poetry. He has played with the Cincinnati Symphony, taught at Colorado College and various public schools. He is a published author, who has been writing poetry and novels for over 40 years. His pride and joy is a shelter in which he feeds and cares for animals.  David is a member of Poetry Soup.


  1. I am so happy to see your poetry here David - I enjoy you so much and all that you do for the animals. Lovely poem giving one something to ponder - Best wishes to you with your future endeavors - I hope to see more of you here on 'Whispers...'

    Rhoda Galgiani

  2. Hi Daver -

    what a joy you are here!

  3. Thank you David. This poem captures something very magical for me; standing as a child under rustling trees :-) best wishes ralph.

  4. Wonderful poem and equally wonderful bio, David. Very passionate and endearing poem. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful images...beautiful poem, David.

  6. Thank you, Connie Marcum Wong, for the following comment--

    What would spring be without the colorful blue jay, one of the most delightful visions of spring on the wing! A breath of springtime your poem gifts us with. Mahalo, Connie

  7. Thank you, Phyllis Babcock, for the following comment--

    A nice poem full of images.