Friday, May 3, 2013

Waking April--By Sandra Stefanowich--Canada

Waking April

On a cold day under misty blue-gray skies
darkened clouds moodily pass each other by.
Seasoned tree tops shiver on the landscape
in the distance majestic deer glide upon the wind.
Winter shakes a disheveled April from her sleep
rising she tears at the old man's tattered coat.
Turning the old man howls at her in a cold rage
April cowers in fear, crying she runs and hides.
Lifting her up in a whirlwind before his aging eyes
"no need to cry" he gently says and disappears.

Sandra Stefanowich is from Ontario.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Terry glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Dear Sandra,

    Winter sure kicked it out of April in this one. Fantastic. "no need to cry" he gently says ... her showers will result in blossoms, yes?


  3. Dear Sandra, this was a record-breaking winter and I love the way you describe Old Man Winter waking up April. Hope the May snowstorms don't bring you any more bad weather. Witty and written with style! Love, Carolyn

  4. Enjoyed every word here...l think this is a beauty.

  5. Dear Sandra,

    Thank you, my friend, for all the wonderful comments you left for other writers today. Your support means a lot to me. You are such a talented writer as "Waking April" so artistically represents. Keep on writing and sharing your words.


  6. Sandra,

    I really enjoyed your artistic words on one of my favorite poetry subjects, nature. This poem puts me in mind of how winter tries to stick around here in Michigan, even when it's time for spring to arrive. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    Wow, had to read this twice - love it

  8. Thank you, Jack Clubb, for the following comment--

    This poem has nice imagery. I could see the "clouds moodily pass each other." I also enjoyed the description of April who is traumatized by being roused from her winter hibernation.

  9. Thank you, Barbara Siekierski,for the following comment--

    A good poem for the last gasps of Old Man Winter giving up, because spring time is arriving.