Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lamenting Lovers--By Robert A. Dufresne--United States

Lamenting Lovers

That sliced harvest crescent
rising erubescent,
weaned from previous orb shining,
looked down on lovers pining,
separated by distance
at tragedy’s insistence.
As the sickle slipped across the sky,
the lamenting lovers asked it why,
But nought was said by that celestial Slice;
they both knew they were paying the price.

Robert A. Dufresne was born in Vermont and raised on a dairy farm. After four years in the Navy and trying his hand at a couple of trades, he settled in as a self employed remodeling carpenter for 31 years. He and his wife moved to Florida in 1998, where he continued his career. He began writing poetry in 2009 .


  1. Thank you for sharing such an interestingly descriptive way of writing about two lovers who were separated and longing for each other. I find it heart rending.

  2. Dear Rob,
    In a way, this poem reminds me of "Romeo and Juliet." They were separated by "tragedy's insistence." Of course it also made me think of our military stationed abroad and those who await their return. Very artistically said, my friend. Love and blessings, Carolyn Devonshire

  3. What lovely descriptions you use in this poem Robert, sadness tugs at the heart as you take us through this fateful piece so beautifully. So glad I found this this morning - enjoyed reading something a little different...

  4. Nice one, Robert. Very nice.


  5. Thank you, Christine Tate, for the following comment--

    Hi Robert...Your poem is one so many couples can relate to. Lovers separating can cause deep anguish...You captured the feelings of the heart so well in your poem. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  6. Dear Robert,

    Thank you for sending me comments on poems. In addition to sharing your wonderful poem you take time to encourage others. What a blessing that is. It's good to have you a part of Whispers.


  7. Thank you, Gerald Heyder, for the following comments--

    Dear Robert, your kind words blew me away! Your poem, "Lamenting Lovers," proves the intricacy of love between two people! Sad to say it is not always approved by certain viewers.