Monday, July 11, 2016

Aerogramme--By Nivedita N (Divenita Er)--United States


Her hands shivered as Hima
tore along the sides of the letter
her eyes widened while reading the
words dipped in the expensive gel ink.

She pressed her nose against the
white paper--
The smell of his hamburger
sprinkled with his scent;
the p that seemed crooked now
like his accent that changed
over the trunk calls made with
‘change’ that she saved.

There was no news of his arrival yet;
She folded the aerogramme neatly
and placed the torn pieces
 in her locker

Nivedita N (Divenita Er), a Hyderabadi, is an unschooled student of poetry and prose. She writes to make sense of the chaotic world around through her stories and poetry. Among her other interests, she loves enjoying the world of printing, publishing and editing. She blogs at: Currently she resides in Wisconsin, soaking in the warmth of its people and the onset of Spring.


  1. Nivedita, I am not sure if you are new to Whispers or not, but if you are, welcome! I really enjoyed "Aerogramme," especially the last lines. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. Interesting poem Nivedita,love and light angelee

  3. As I see your poem it is an very inventive way of showing how long distant relationships can change. The P seemed crooked now-perfect.
    Thanks for Aerogramme.