Friday, February 1, 2013

Cairns Library--By Isha Wagner--New Zealand

Cairns Library

The man is looking for a book
With eyes keenly flicking
Across the myriad rows
His shirt is soaked in the intense heat
He looks at me
The look I know so well
Stating so clearly that the
wanted book has yet to be composed

I say to him not only has it not
been written : it is not yet conceived
There's no-one alive who knows
Except myself and thee
And we are both shadows
With no reality.
No flesh. No blood
No bones. No guts

No, go and pray now
Return in one hundred years
For the first page

Isha Wagner is a New Zealand poet. She has resided in many countries including Iceland, Libya, India, and Australia.  She read some of her work at the VIII International Poetry Festival held in Granada, Nicaragua, in February 2012. She has had three collections of poetry published.


  1. Isha -

    Your imagination and use of words to form such thoughts is talent indeed. Gave me a little chill at the end.


  2. I love this, I know that look. Wonderfully written.