Saturday, February 23, 2013

People Are For Lovin'--By Sara Kendrick--United States

People Are For Lovin'

Birds sing unpremeditated art
On this warm gray winter's day
People are for lovin' things are for use
Sing birds sing broadcast it don't dismay

Birds sing morn's verse, do you hear their song
Tell this new generation
Things are for use, people are for lovin'
Not to be used but for admiration

Birds sing unsung lovely melody
Unrehearsed tune in time sing
People are for lovin', things are for use
Listen hear the sound as they upswing

Birds sing back and forth to each other
When will humans ever learn
Things are for use, people are for lovin'
Maybe today is the day of turn

Sara Kendrick married young and had a family soon after. After her last child went to school, she decided to pursue her GED. A gentlemen who worked with the GED program encouraged her to enroll in college.  She worked part time and cared for her family in addition to her studies. She graduated from Mercer University. Several years ago, after a health crisis, she started writing poetry. 


  1. Beautiful words here giving the reader something to ponder upon. Nice reading you, your words flow very nice...


  2. You have a lovely repetititve line here that really sends a strong message... It was a pleasure to read this poem for you. Blessings to you.

  3. Hi Sara,
    A very good poem that sets you thinking, a strong message
    in the words. I liked it very much.
    Yvonne Sparkes

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  5. I love the way the repetition and form
    circled to a resolution in the final verse.
    A terrific message well communicated.
    Thanks for a pleasant read.

  6. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    Sara Kendrick: Such words of truth here - lovely message.