Friday, June 21, 2013

Autumn Morning--By Yvonne Sparkes--England

Autumn Morning

She arrived almost on a whisper of the wind,
When stars glowed in the celestial heavens.
Arrived in the chill of night,
When frosts may descend.
Her aura spread throughout the land,
Touching leaf, shrub and tree with a bright new canvas.
Red, ochre, swabs of yellow gold,
liberally daubed upon the face of nature.
Smiling beams of sun kissed each plant,
Lit cobwebs spun with a dewy thread,
Little Squirrels play their chasing game,
And birds twittered, praising this new morn.

Born on Feb. 27, 1940 in Barkingside, Essex, England, Yvonne Sparkes,  immigrated to New York in April, 1948 with her parents.  She now resides in Chelmsford, Essex and has two sons.  She has a book published by Cyberwit called Captured Images.  A writer for many years, Yvonne has been published in Israel, Germany, France, Australia, America, and Britain.  She has read her poetry in public at Church and Knockout Competitions. Her hobbies are travel, the arts, reading, hiking, taking her Scottish Terrier for walks, and spending time with family and friends.


  1. Hi Yvonne, I really enjoyed your colorful portrait of nature. Lovely poem! I'm not sure where Essex is, but another member of this site and I are hoping to visit England in the fall or winter. Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  2. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    what a beautiful poem

  3. Dear Yvonne

    Always a new beautiful morn arises. Take care

    love you,

  4. Great visual - great reading!

    Rhoda Galgiani

  5. Dear Yvonne,

    I really enjoyed reading your colorful portrait of Autumn arriving. Beautifully written!


  6. Very lovely with great imagery and emotion throughout... God bless

  7. Dear Carolyn, Jack, Kathy, Rhoda, Sandra, and Christina,

    Yvonne is not able to respond personally at this time but she asked me pass on her thanks and gratitude for all these lovely comments. Let's hope she is back with us soon.