Monday, June 10, 2013

Turmoil--By Brian Strand--England


My heart breaks within me-
deep inside I weep;
peace is so elusive my mind
cannot sleep-is love so unreal,
is it out of reach; who will be true
to me and their promise keep;
if I say a prayer, will faith take
a leap-do you have an answer,
to life...fathoms' deep.

Brian Strand has created short poetic forms including 'broken monoku' (a haiku variation) and 'footle' (a trochaic monometer with witty, topical, etc themes) and Captioned Cartoon, an Ekphrasis combining his art and poetic interests. He has published a seven kindle ebook series Poetic forms; A Strand of Verse; My Choice Strand Verse; A Strand Guide; Christianity Explained; A Strand critique; and Captioned Cartoon Ekphrasis. Brian has written nearly 200 Amazon reviews and is a Wiki poetry and art editor.


  1. This short poetry reads so smooth - a joy to read Brian. Well written, filling the heart with continued question about the topic of love...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  2. Hi Brian, it's so nice to see you posting on this site. So far true love has eluded me, but the "hope" of which you speak is always there. Very nicely done! Blessings, Carolyn Devonshire