Saturday, January 11, 2014

Essence of Cool--By Robert A. Dufresne--United States

Essence of Cool

Hey look, ..another motorcycle man!
Pony tail and top of his head is tan,
His bug-juiced face looks like a Christmas wreath
trimmed with those orange beetles in his teeth.
A bumblebee pockmarked his forehead,
where it must have burned in like lead.
No helmet or gear cause he’s cool,
a biker’s unspoken rule!
This chopper with the suicide shift,
was given by his ex wife as a gift,
But he can’t get a date, even at the shows,
It must be that dead moth stuck up his nose.
Wears shorts to feel the freedom of the breeze,
between the tar spots and bug spattered knees.
There he goes now like he’s off to a race!
A hatch of dead insects covering his face!
Baa-brum! Look at him go ! My word !!
Oh no! Here comes a Bird.

Robert A. Dufresne was born in Vermont and raised on a dairy farm. After four years in the Navy and trying his hand at a couple of trades, he settled in as a self employed remodeling carpenter for 31 years. He and his wife moved to Florida in 1998, where he continued his career. He began writing poetry in 2009 .


  1. Dear Rob,

    You had me laughing out loud as I read your poem. Daytona is quite a hub for bikers and many are just as you described. The smart ones wear helmets, but Florida repealed its helmet law so now the bikers are attacked by anything flying in their path. A bird? Oh, no! Hope the bird wasn't a pterodactyl. LOL When my stepmother was put into a nursing home, my father had to eat alone. One time he went to pay his bill and the cashier told him that it had already been paid by a group of bikers. I guess they felt sorry for an old man dining alone. I've come to like them more because of this. Also, I have a biker friend in Tallahassee. Each year a group of bikers ride the "Trail of Tears" that the Cherokee made when ousted from their homes in the Smoky Mountains. Absolutely loved this poem!!!

    1. Forgot to sign my name on the above comment, but you know me so well that you probably knew it came from me. Love, Carolyn

  2. Rob, I thoroughly enjoyed this delightfully funny poem. I could just picture this biker with the bug in his teeth. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  3. Cool, cool, cool Robert. Nice poem. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG Publications! / Creative Inspirations

  4. Hi Rob,

    Every line in this poem is hilarious! Great description of the "motorcycle man" hope to see more of your humor on Whisper's.

    Sandra Stefanowich

  5. Dear Rob -

    Wow! You've said it all from my point of view. God love them for their "sense of freedom" as they blow my ear drums, ruin the scenery and scare the " " out of me in my fear of killing them as they weave the roads. I do not understand and am perfectly happy with just a little broccoli stuck in my teeth. Mr. and Mrs. Macho are amazing. How funny you are. "No helmet or gear because he's cool" - go no further.

    love you,