Thursday, May 26, 2016

Place Such as Far Away--By Niranjan Navalgund--India

Place Such as Far Away

from a won position
to a stalemate
the stories of almost;
wavering hands
not able to hold on
Or let go

restless mind
from past to future & beyond
this restless pendulum
the written that cannot be
multiplied by unwritten words longing to be written
a long pause in between
Can zero ever add value to itself?
all this and more in a place
such as far away.

Niranjan Navalgund is a chess lover from India. Reading and writing are his leisure time activities. He is fond of Zen Stories and the cute creature - Panda. He blogs at 


  1. Niranjan, thank you for your most beautiful, well-written poem. It was a joy to read. Continued blessings, and I am not sure if you are new to Whispers, but if you are, Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    -MJ (

  2. Thank you, MJ :)
    I have contributed a few poems to whispers. Happy moments to you!

  3. A powerful poem!
    *The written that can not be unwritten*

    Waiting to read more, Niri :)