Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Syllable Sid meets Hagatha Chomp--By George L. Ellison, England and Dena M. Ferrari, United States


Syllable Sid meets Hagatha Chomp

By George L. Ellison and Dena M. Ferrari

Part One--

Syllable Sid was out walking one day
With blue sky and sunshine to lighten the way
Counting his syllables as Diction Harry had taught him
Till the cloud covered the sun and
The light grew quite dim
Then he arrived at a dense dark wood
Which drew him in?
He heard the whispering leaves
But felt a crawling on his skin
As he was filled with dread and fear
For on the wind, he heard them say
Welcome friend to Muckmire my dear. 
The light disappeared and it grew quite dark
But onward he was impelled
Time became of no consequence
When he met up with one who dwelled 

Deep in the dark in a faraway swamp
Lived a cycloptic woman named Hagatha Chomp
Hairy with knuckles dragged on the mucky ground.
Her shaggy beast smells the air and leaps out the door with a bound;
Hagatha stood at the threshold of her Chew Chomp Inn
Plump Tick Stew bubbling merrily in the cast iron cauldron
Looking out to the darkness for her shaggy beast,
Now waiting for her beast's return before starting her feast
Hagatha's apron all slimy with icky gore
Ticks and fleas oh yes she had need of more!
Shuffled to the swamps edge she called starts to call out
Instead of the beastly growls, she heard a helpless voice shout.  

“Help me please I think I’m Lost,” said Sid as he viewed this distressing sight.
Hagatha stood all hair and gore she said, “What are you shouting for?
No-one can hear you in this place so far away from the human race.”
Sid could smell the beastly brew Hagatha called her plump tick stew.

Well, then stranger welcome to the Chew Chomp Inn
Hagatha stood all hair and gore she said "what are you shouting for?
No-one can hear you in this place So far away from the human race"
Sid could smell the beastly brew Hagatha called her plump tick stew.
“I am Hagatha Chomp from Muckmire Swamp. Do come on in.
You're just in time for dinner our guests arrive soon.
Don't mind that they act up when howling at the moon.
My shaggy beast will cause you no harm.”
To be Continued……..!


  1. Your joint talent is wonderful to read - all will enjoy this posting...rg

  2. Thank you Rhoda, It is good to hear from you again I hope all is well in New Jersey!



  3. A compelling narrative expressed through lovely poetic language. Kept my attention awaiting the second part! Well done George and Dena! // paul

    1. Thank you for Reading Paul I'm pleased you enjoyed our Halloween Romp!....GLE

  4. George and Dena,
    It's amazing that this is the fourth collaboration this month! The two of you weave quite the interesting narrative poem!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

    1. Thank you David for those kinds comments, Dena and I had great fun putting it together two years ago!

      Kind Regards


  5. Dear George and Dena,
    Thank you for this syllable-rich composition. I especially like, "I am Hagatha Chomp from Muckmire Swamp." Fun to say!

    1. Dena has a very fertile imagination Michael Hagatha is just one of her many Characters !

      Come along to the Writers and Poets Alliance to see some of the others!

      I'm pleased you enjoyed the poem so much it can only mean we are doing something right!

      Thanks again


  6. Hi George and Dena,
    What an enjoyable piece. Waiting now for Part II.

    Lots of fun.

    1. Thank you Jo for your kind comments Karen will be posting Part Two in November!

      Your comments are very much appreciated!


  7. George and Dena. what a creative piece! Loved the Halloween theme and the interwoven lives of the two characters. Cannot wait till November to see if Hagatha enjoyed her Thanksgiving Dinner. LOL I enjoyed your collaboration.

    1. Not long to wait now Charlene I am pleased you enjoyed our little jaunt Dena will be pleased that her characters have reached a wider audience!


  8. This is a superb piece of artistry, I love the imagination used. A very good read indeed. Well done to both

    1. George and Dena, I enjoyed your collaboration and will be looking forward to more. Continued blessings!

      -MJ (

    2. Thank you Annie and Maurice for your comments Dena and I like to collaborate occasionally, we have two other poems that may join this one if I get the go ahead but they are quite different to this one

      Thanks again to all who have read this poem

      George and Dena