Thursday, October 20, 2016


Dear Whispers’ Friends,

The October activity has been: write a titled, five-line poem with an autumn theme. Thank you for your responses to the activity. I hope you will take time to dwell in the autumn season through these brief yet meaningful creations.


Michael Escoubas, Whispers’ Activity Editor


A black cat, tail twitching, waits patiently,
keeping vigil over the fresh mound of dirt
peeking through the layer of golden leaves.
The drizzle of rain does not discourage her
sure efforts to capture her desired delicacy

Charlene McCutcheon, United States

Autumn Rain

Vertical, or horizontal autumn rain falling from heavy misty clouds,
but when caught by a sunbeam it makes glistening slides
shimmering across the rock and falls
in bright white tails or snakes
like silver where the mountains leak it.

Lynn White, North Wales

Evening Stroll

Tickled by a cool breeze
Encapsulated in earth tones
Wrapped in a cocoon of fallings leaves
Early nightfall
Illuminated by pumpkin lanterns

Langley Shazor, United States

Autumn Dawn

Parades of trees stand in black silhouettes
against a glowing sky of tangerine.
My garden spiders suspend satin sheets
of twinkling tiny crystals that tumble down,
pausing this new day of autumn sun rays.

Annie Jenkin, England

Autumn Trees and Little Boys

Just up and out of bed,
I am greeted by a tree.
In its arms, I bend my knees
as I listen to the fall
of brown and yellow leaves.

Michael Escoubas, United States

Sunday Psalm

is a rain-soaked deck in early fall, a collage
of light-changed leaves, and a crispy fall breeze;
one hundred geese that gaggle goodbye,
and one great blue heron standing silent in cattails.
What is there in nature that is not a prayer?

Mary Jo Balistreri, United States

Autumn Masterpiece

A stroke of genius
from the Master's palette,
a bouquet of butterflies
scatters and soars
with the autumn wind.

Barbara Tate, United States

Green Grow the Rivals O

The weed, resembling my climbing beans
in all but fruit, reduced my crop it seems.

loose change
on my table
sunflower petals

Ralph Stott, England

Autumn’s Eternal Fall to Spring

Autumn, that time of year when all is dying off                                                  
while rushing towards an end; beware such purblind thoughts,                  
for they are false! Within Fall’s gloomy themes are coiled,                                           
waiting to burst forth, snowdrops, anemones and croci.                                
In turn, Spring dooms itself, and all glory to it too, while going off!           

Alan McAlpine Douglas, England

Forever Autumn

he sings 
in coffee-coloured tones
labeling the pickle jars
reminds me of autumns past
his music still haunts me 

Martha Magenta, England

Autumn in the Smokies

A kaleidoscope of colors
splash across my Smokies.
I await the falling leaves
soon covered by
blinding white.

Tom Davis, United States

Autumnal Thoughts

Through the window
of my toasty room,
I crave the autumn sight of birds
in a place where time is kept
by the rising sun.

Marc Livanos, United States

The Turning

Color us autumn. 
Color us burnt almond,
red, flame. Name us
the season of falling,
drifting into winter’s wind.

Jean Colonomos, United States

Life of Leaves


David Williams, England

Autumn, how I love you!

The Autumn breeze wafts over fields; to its mild touch the corn stalk yields.
The flowers in the gardens smile to feel the Autumn breeze awhile.
On grassy meadows, cattle graze; in stifling heat, they idly laze.
Flowers, splendid in all their glory. How they love to tell their story.
I love this Autumn time of year. It brings with it its glorious gear.

Helen Dowd, Canada

Autumn Wood

The trees are being diluted,
bird songs brushed away by wind.
Shadows are sticking to the floor
creating darkness, ignoring the sun.
Summer flames simmer until burnt out. 

Gareth Culshaw, Wales

curtain call~~

ash and maple
      confetti dance

~the last leaf falls~

she closes her eyes
      for the final bow

Karen O’Leary, United States

November Smoke

A new pile of leaves. Daddy leans on his rake.
My sister and I whoop and holler like Indians
then jump into leaves. A grey afternoon. Rain
comes soon, hot cocoa too and we could not
forever laugh as we once did into November smoke.

Barbara Robinette, United States


Honking across the October sky,
a flock of geese heading south,
the blue lake a mirror of heartbreak.
Onshore, an injured goose grieves all alone,
no one to give her solace during winter's ice.

Elizabeth Howard, United States

Night in the Forest

Moonlight paints the woods awake.
Cricket song is a soundtrack for night life.
Silver-grey shadows dip and dither.
Leaves giggle in their autumn gowns
when windy guests ask them to dance. 

Candace Armstrong, United States

Autumn Chill

whispering through the autumn chill
in the eddy of yellowing leaves,
those old, old words haunt again --
I sigh at the unworn mangalsutra
and slide the drawer back in place.
Mangalsutra: a black bead necklace worn by Hindu women.

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan, India

Autumn Melody

We live in the safest, gated community.
We found great senior housing at Fort Knox.
Friendly people, young, old, military too.
Birds, Bambi and more on our morning walk,
sounds of nature and children all around.

Robert Hewett, Sr., United States


  1. Dear Michael and Contributing Artists,

    Michael put this column with style and beauty I know you are going to enjoy as much as I did. It's good to sit back and leave this column in Michael's talented hands. I hope you take a moment to absorb autumn from a variety of views. What a blessing you all are in our Whispers' journey.

    Keep your lights shining,

  2. Dear Karen and all who wrote poems for the October activity,
    The season tastes like spiced apples with hot cider because of your poems!

    1. Dear Michael,

      Thank you for bringing us together for another enjoyable activity. I really appreciate all you do for our online community.

      Many blessings,

  3. Thank you to Karen and Michael for blessing us with the variety of poems here. Quite a feast--keep going back to read again.

    1. Dear Mary Jo,

      Thank you for sharing your lovely poem for Michael's activity. He is blossoming in his new role. What a joy to read all the poems he put together for this wonderful column. Best wishes always, my friend.


    2. Dear Jo,
      I, too, have enjoyed the buffet of poems throughout the October activity. Your encouragement means so much!

  4. What a joy to write and then read other's works of art. Thank you Michael for this great opportunity to grow.

    1. Dear Charlene,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your support of Michael in his new role which he is shining in. I'm sure he will come up with another activity that will be a joy for writers to try.


  5. Dear Charlene
    I'm always up for a word of encouragement.
    The October activity was fun and full of seasonal smells and colors. I enjoyed each submission.

  6. I found all of these poems very enjoyable to read this evening. A great theme to be inspired by and wonderful work done by Michael and all the contributors. I hope you don't mind a late offering.


    Crossing colors collide
    while smoke signals slide
    into ghostly gales of gray
    As rowdy raindrops run and play
    amid sights,sounds,I slip away

    Sandra Stefanowich

    1. Dear Sandra,

      Thank you so much for adding your creative poem to this month's activity column. What a wonderful use of imagery, alliteration, and personification for a creative view that was a pleasure to read today. I appreciate your encouragement and support, my friend.


    2. Dear Sandra,
      Thank you for Lullaby.
      I appreciate especially your delightful alliteration of "r" and "s" sounds in lines 4 and 5. Enchanting.

  7. Great collection, thanks to all the contributors and Karen and Michael!

    1. Dear Peggy,

      Thank you for all the encouragement you give me and others at Whispers! I'm glad you enjoyed the column Michael put together for us to enjoy.


    2. Dear Peggy,

      So pleased that you enjoyed the activity; I feel a debt to all the wonderful contributors who made this activity something special.


  8. David Williams has a winner, his "Life of Leaves" condenses a lifetime to potent words, reminds us that death is the end game of life, and invites every reader to reflect on her own living....

    1. Thank you for your insightful comments, Rick. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


    2. Dear Rick,
      Nice to hear from you and thank you for your specific mention of David's excellent poem.

  9. How enjoyable. Each and every one is a gem. Happy to be part of this.

    1. Dear Barbara,
      I'm grateful that the activity has been a source of delight to you and to others.
      Thank you!

  10. Dear Barbara,

    What a joy to read your poem and others today! Thank you for all the support and encouragement you give me and others.


  11. I'm such a lover of Autumn poems. Each and every one of these delights touched me. A very good flow of creativity and passion in each poem. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Continued blessings to you all!

    -MJ (

    1. Dear Maurice,

      Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts and ongoing encouragement. You are light that shines brightly!


    2. Thank your Maurice,
      What an encouragement to know that so many of the activity's poems resonated with you.