Friday, December 2, 2016

Intermission--By Maricris Cabrera--Philippines


Times like this, when I need to keep the faith
Silence speaks the truth, gust of wind whispers your name
Emptiness a reality, I can feel
It's like standing behind the curtains
Spotlight is waiting to shine before me
If I have learned anything about life
I have learned it from you
Life not only comprises tasks but happiness we pursue
If I was fifteen yesterday and sixty tomorrow
I have nothing to fear even when time stands still
It doesn't matter, I'll walk through this path
Skies could deem, a million dreams to fulfill
My footsteps in caesura, outstretched before me
A perpetual sunrise, a love that echoes you instill.

Maricris Cabrera is a wife and mother from the Philippines. She has been writing since 2009. Maricris joined Poems and Quotes, Poets and Poets Dream communities at Google Plus last year, where she started posting her poems.  She hopes you enjoy her poetry.


  1. Dear Maricris,
    Thank you for this thoughtful poem highlighting the intermissions of life. Your creation does what a good poem should do--it makes me stop and think.

  2. Thank you for sharing "Intermission," Maricris. I enjoyed it. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  3. Maricris, thank you for this outstanding poem. Patience through life's times of waiting hone and focus our goals, chief among them being love. You write with beauty, elegance, and power in description. Thank you for sharing this wonderful verse with us.