Monday, December 19, 2016

Jesus Is Knocking--By Helen Dowd--Canada

Jesus Is Knocking

Jesus is standing at your heart's door today.
He is patiently waiting. Don't send Him away.
He's calling so softly, He wants to come in.
He'll heal all your sorrows, and cleanse you from sin.

Jesus has knocked on your heart's door before.
But you haven't answered, tho' He's knocked o’er and o'er.
Oh please, dear one, listen. He silently waits.
If you put Him off longer, it may be too late.

Don't be afraid of what He may find,
Inside of your heart, or inside your mind.
He died on the cross to redeem you from sin.
So please, dear friend, listen. Oh, let the Lord in.

Don't let Satan tell you that your sin is too great.
He wants you to linger--to procrastinate.
But please friend, don't listen to Lucifer's lies.
COME, open to Jesus. He's still standing by.

Helen Dowd enjoys spending time at her computer, along side her husband of 56 years, writing poetry, story poems, stories about pets and life in general, as well as inspirational and Bible stories. She has one book published. Her stories and poems have been published in several Anthologies. Helen hosts an inspirational online publication,  She is presently a caregiver for her husband and sister, two dogs, four cats and 3 gold fish.


  1. Helen,
    A great poem especially since Christmas is coming since He is the reason for the season.
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

    1. Thank you, Helen, for the following--
      Thanks David, for your comment. Yes, it is true that He is the reason for the season...I would like to spend more time reading the poems on Whispers, but my time is limited. I would like to read some of your poems, or prose. My email address is:, Helen

  2. Dear Helen,
    The above-noted comment was deleted because I addressed the wrong person. Love you poem and the sentiments expressed so beautifully in an hour of great need in the world.
    Thank you,

    1. Thank you, Helen, for the following--

      Thank you, Michael, for your comment on my poem, "Jesus Is Knocking." Yes, the world is certainly in an hour of great need. And regardless of "election results", God is still on the throne, and the world is in His hands...Blessings,