Sunday, September 17, 2017

Whispers’ Guest Editors--Inge Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend)--The Netherlands and Caryl Calsyn--The United States

Dear Whispers' Friends,

It is such a pleasure to share with you our first two guest activity/columnists in an effort to provide words that matter in a global outreach. This new version of Whispers gives us an international format for sharing the gift of words. I chose a poem previously published at Whispers in their honor.  I'm deeply grateful for their contributions.

I hope many of our past contributors will join us in this new view.  I wish all of you the best always. Keep you candles burning brightly!



Inge Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend)--September 2017 Activity Editor

The old lady's wisdom

Morning dew, wandering through the city
A lonely passenger, trying to clear my head
Suddenly the invigorating scent of coffee
The appetizing aroma of fresh baked bread
A voice, inviting me friendly
Girl, why do you look so sad
Come over and sit down here with me
My coffee is the best you ever had
She smiles, the wrinkled old lady
When you are refreshed and well fed
You will expel your melancholy
And treasure every day's joy instead

Inge Wesdijk is a Dutch writer, poetess, and photographic artist who works under the pseudonym Daginne Aignend. She likes hard rock music and fantasy books. She is a vegetarian and spends a lot of time with her animals.


Caryl Calsyn—September Columnist/Thoughts to Ponder

The Golden Door

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
yearning to be free, the retched refuse of your
teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-
tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
(as it appears on the Statue of Liberty, by Emma Lazarus)

I am an immigrant. You are an immigrant.
Whether coming to America in recent times
or many generations before, we all came from
other lands. Only a few are Native Americans.

There is an indignant underground and above
ground cry that we should allow no more
immigrants to touch this country’s shores.

Advocates propose that man's humanity to man end.

The tired, the poor, and tempest-tossed, if these
advocates have their way, would find the lamp
extinguished and a closed and locked Golden Door.

Caryl Calsyn is a retired interior designer and currently serves as the President of the Highland Lakes Writers’ Club.  She serves on history related boards and sings in a church choir and a chorale.  She is a widow and has two sons living, one deceased and feels blessed with grandchildren.  She loves writing poetry and still finds it amazing that 113 have been published at Whispers, Creative Inspirations, Westward Quarterly, The Storyteller, The Oak and other publications.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Are Writers Unique?--By Caryl Calsyn, United States

Dear Whispers’ Friends,

Caryl Calsyn shares thoughts to ponder about.  I thank her for sharing this introspective search, a challenge for each of us to dig beyond the surface to capture a unique view.  Please post your thoughts in the comments' section.

I hope you share your words and thoughts that may help our Whispers’ family find the right mix to continue forward.  This is a welcome to past contributors and new writers.  May you all find joy in writing.


Karen, Whispers’ Editor


Are Writers Unique?

Are writers a different breed?  Are writers more observant?  Do writers ponder meanings below the surface?  Are writers more contemplative?  Do writers have greater sensitivity?

Yes, I have a lot of questions and no, I don’t have all the answers.  However, I can and intend, to tell you what I think.

I think writers are unique.  They don’t aimlessly meander only half seeing what they see.  They don’t just pass through life intent only on where they need to be next.  They tend to wonder about the importance of what they see on their journeys.  That awareness can emerge in the form of sadness, humor, nostalgia or in other ways.  Perhaps non-writers see none of these things.  Yes, any writer can tell you that at times putting words on paper can be a chore, but they feel a need to do so for themselves and for others who may read their words.

I did not come to these conclusions on my own.  They came as a result of being a member of the Whispers’ family of writers and a local writers’ club.  The written word quite often reveals something about the author.  I sometimes feel as if I know someone I have never met.  Often more so than some I have met, where the dialogue doesn’t go beyond the usual, “How are you?” and “I am fine” level. I treasure the uniqueness of writers.

Caryl Calsyn, United States

Friday, September 1, 2017

Whispers' September Activity--Hosted By--Inge Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend)--The Netherlands

Dear Whispers' Friends,

It is such a joy to be able to bring our writing family back together to share another season of creative joy.  With help from all of you, we can enjoy Whispers with the treasured gifts from our talented community.

September's activity comes from Netherlands' Writer and Editor Inge Wesdijk (Daginne Aignend). Her idea gives writers of various levels a chance to share in her inspiring opportunity. Both Whispers' contributors and new writers to our community are invited to share their poems for this activity.

From--Inge Wesdijk, Whispers' Guest Activity Editor

Title: "6 line poetry celebrations"

Subject: Liberty


1)  To allow writers to explore ideas in a concise format and allow different voices to capture ideas without the restriction of styles.

2)  Present poetry with depth and insight to share with an international audience.

3)  Celebrate the gift of words to uplift people up in this climate of challenges.


To present a poem of 6 lines that is relevant for a global community

Please use the following format:

Author’s name and country

Please share your poems with Inge for consideration for publication at Whispers--

Deadline: September 20                            Publication date: Shortly after deadline.

Of note--Whispers does not publish profanity, erotica, violence or other derogatory writing.
It is a gift to have Inge share her talent and willingness to open Whispers for activity submissions.  I hope all of you will appreciate her willingness to give our community a rebirth.


Karen O'Leary
Whispers' Editor