Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tribute to Inge Wesdijk--Our Beloved Friend and Talented Writer/Editor--From The Netherlands--We Miss You

From Karen O’Leary--

It is with sadness I share with you that Inge Wesdijk  (Daginne Aignend) passed away in December.  She was our Poetry Editor at Whispers. Together with Jack Horne and I, we were your editorial team until our journal closed in June 2018.  We worked well together, and our journal was better for the partnership we shared. It seemed fitting that Jack and I do this tribute here where she was cared about and respected for her knowledge and kindness.  She was easy to work with and share with. Our friendship developed quickly; Inge and I were soul-sisters, a blessing that I treasured and still do.  I would like to extend my sympathy to her good friend James and to all her family and friends that mourn her loss. 

From Jack Horne--

When Inge worked with Karen and me at Whispers, it really was a pure joy. She was always positive and encouraging, and never failed to come up with great suggestions for my monthly challenges - in truth, her ideas were always far better than mine, and, even when she became ill, she was always willing to help. We remained friends after Whispers closed to submissions, and her messages were always positive. As her illness progressed, she still took an interest in others - and always wanted to know how my mother and I were, rather than focusing on herself. She was a talented poet, a true friend and a wonderful human being. My condolences to all Inge's family and friends. May she rest in peace. I'll never forget her.

In Inge’s words, a poem published at Whispers—Published June 2018

I will overcome

Sometimes ...
I only want to lay down,
close my eyes, and sleep.
Turn reality into oblivion.
A fading spirit,
my inner strength falters.
Please, let me linger
in pleasant dreams,
and never return.

Your hand in mine, our tears
mingle in an unvoiced understanding.
The pain in your eyes
reflects your silent suffering.
For you, I will fight until
I raze all barriers.
With you, I will overcome.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in this tribute to our talented and caring friend.  We hope you consider sharing a few thoughts too.


Karen O’Leary
Jack Horne