Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meditation on an Artist--By Darrell Lindsey--United States

Meditation on an Artist

He painted men with long beards and missing teeth,
bent women with canes,
lonely children walking through meadows
on their way back home.
At night, he would study each shade,
each shadow of their lives
in the ramshackle cabin
he inherited from his father.
Sometimes he said he could feel them
guiding the brush,
hear their voices
singing to the starry night.
Ah, to hear him hum
when the shapes, colors, and moods on the canvas
captured a bit of what it means to be human,
all too human.

Darrell Lindsey is the author of Edge of the Pond ( Popcorn Press, 2012), and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize ( 2007) and a Rhysling Award ( 2014). He won the 2012 Science Fiction Poetry Association Contest ( Long Form category), as well as the 2014 Balticon Poetry Contest. His haiku and tanka have garnered numerous international awards, and one of his poems is included in Haiku In English: The First Hundred Years ( W.W.Norton & Company, 2013).


  1. this is a haunting poem. Love it

  2. This is a beautiful poem that resonates deeply. Karen, every poem in Whispers in the Wind is a unique vision that resonates with the souls of your readers. Thank you for this incredible one-of-a-kind journal that brings poetry around the world.

  3. Darrel, this is quite a caricature you paint here, highlighting some intimate moments in his life which might hint about the solace he finds in his painting and how he perceives depth and movement of the shadow and clear to the extent of his very own soul. Very interesting and a joy to read! Sheri

  4. cool poem, cool individual! (his first name might be spelled wrong, but, oh, well) - best = daryl

  5. Dear Darrell,

    It is good to see you already have some many lovely comments on your wonderful poem. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here. Best wishes with all your writing endeavors.


  6. Darrell, welcome to Whispers and thank you for sharing Meditation on an Artist" with us. I like the poetic feel of the piece, as well as the sound structure of each verse. Nice work. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (