Friday, October 17, 2014

yet there are still--By jani johe webster--United States

yet there are still

the october nights
hold a chill
and the dawn speaks
of frost the kills
these disintegrated dreams
    from another autumn

yet there are still
the meadows of spring
sun on a june day

and flowers
that will bloom
   in the white snow.

Thoughts from Nila Webster--This poem, written by my mother jani johe webster, is reflective of her deeply held truth that even in the deepest and coldest winters, flowers are blooming in our lives, and in our souls. She always felt that our imagination held a special key to beauty, and this perspective continues to give me hope and courage.


  1. Hello, Nila, I like your poem and although I totally despise and shiver at the thought of being so bullied in winter weather, I like how you have included the beauty that hangs on despite......... Sheri

  2. Beautifully written. ...but is there a mistake in the first stanza - should 'frost the kills' be 'frost that kills'? Maybe a mistake in transcription. Love 'yet there are still / the meadows of spring / sun on a june day.'

  3. Nila, thank you for sharing a poem of your mothers. How lovely and positive an outlook she had. I am really working on focusing on the "flowers that will bloom in spite the snow". Thank you for this poem because it confirms my need to keep on doing what I am trying to do with my attitude.
    Love, Charlene

  4. I enjoyed reading your poem Nila, well written!

  5. Thank you, Robert Defresne, for the following--

    So well written with an absolutely faultless philosophy. What a great person your Mom is, Nila. You obviously hold the same in your heart. Thank you.

    Bob D.

  6. As always, Nila, your mother's poetry soothes my soul and touches my heart. Thank you so much for carrying on her gift and her memory. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  7. Dear Nila,

    It's always wonderful to read your Mother's poetry they really touch my heart and I appreciate that you continue to share them with us all thank you.

    Love Sandra