Monday, February 23, 2015

Empty Chambers--By Robert A. Dufresne--United States

Empty Chambers

…Here it is!

It’s so cold in here.
 But the walls are still soft;
  …and the ceiling is higher than I remember.

It feels so still and morose.
 Even my thoughts echo within.

I have not dropped in on this empty abode for a while.
    There seems never to be enough time…. Too busy.

Look here.. and there. What a mess !
   Never did clean it up after she left.

No wonder I never visit here .

    Wonder where she went
after leaving this empty, cavernous
heart of mine…

  It‘s so cold in here….

I’d better go now….
Lots to do..


Robert A. Dufresne was born in Vermont and raised on a dairy farm. After four years in the Navy and trying his hand at a couple of trades, he settled in as a self employed remodeling carpenter for 31 years. He and his wife moved to Florida in 1998, where he continued his career. He began writing poetry in 2009 .


  1. Hello, Robert. I must say your poem is very creatively written and creates quite a myriad of emotions within me as I read your words. The imagery it creates is so realistic and one can relate very easily.......... hope to read more! Sheri

  2. Robert, I really enjoyed this well written poem that echoes in my thoughts at times when I visit places in the chambers of my own heart that are so empty. I try hard not to visit those morose places though at times one cannot help it. I quite like the way you resolve the dilemma with Goodbye. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  3. Hi Robert. I enjoyed "Empty Chambers." Thank you for sharing it and continued blessings!

    -MJ (