Sunday, February 8, 2015

Something Borrowed--By Brian Strand--England

Something Borrowed

Enough of ennui, I may, I might
the mind is an enchanting thing, senses
do not deceive.  Days of prismatic colour
apparitions of splendour, things are what
they seem, a mosaic, a prosaic voracity
and verity.
What are years then? Efforts of affectation,
dispositions by angels? No, the past is the
present, a chameleon face of discontent. 
O calamity, no swan so fine as the merits of
heredity, let the critics dream in their preciosity
for charity overcomes envy where light is speech.

A phrasis inspired by the titles of Marianne Moore Poems

Brian Strand has created short poetic forms including 'broken monoku' (a haiku variation) and 'footle' (a trochaic monometer with witty, topical, etc themes) and Captioned Cartoon, an Ekphrasis combining his art and poetic interests. He has published a seven kindle ebook series Poetic forms; A Strand of Verse; My Choice Strand Verse; A Strand Guide; Christianity Explained; A Strand critique; and Captioned Cartoon Ekphrasis. Brian has written nearly 200 Amazon reviews and is a Wiki poetry and art editor.


  1. Nicely done, Brian. You are a very gifted poet. Thank you for sharing some of your work with us here at Whispers. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. Brian, I really enjoyed your well written poem. Thank you for sharing your talent with us here on Whispers. Indeed Charity overcomes envy and a host of other negatives.

  3. Thank you Maurice/Charlene for your kind words you may hear me recite this and much of my poetry on youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro.Rgds Brian

  4. wow, such a fine use of/combination of words into poem!

  5. Thank you Ayaz,yes this phrasis form of mine, is ideal in this case especially as Marianne often 'borrowed' phrases etc in her poetry, hence her extensive use of notes that accompanied her poetry.Rgds Brian

  6. I think I managed t follow the 'strand' of this write Brian, a veritable prosaic chameleon of prismatic splendour, amid swans chasing critics of precocity..'
    ( really enjoyed )

  7. Thank you Joe, glad you enjoyed by phrasis, in my structured prose style.It is best understood when it heard aloud one to one ie on my youtube clips under my pen name ichthyschiro.Rgds Brian