Thursday, March 19, 2015

Material or Spiritual?--By Lanette Kissel--United States

Material or Spiritual?

We can choose to live in a material world
where we’re all about acquiring more stuff.
Such a choice will leave us feeling empty,
for that life will never be enough.

We could spend our money on the trappings
created to entice every woman and man.
Or we can help to extend God’s borders
and choose to offer Him the required ten.

Life shouldn’t be about what we’ve got,
but more about what we can give
that will help to further the cause for Christ,
so others can learn how to joyfully live.

We can choose to live in the spiritual world
with God the Father as our center,
and live according to His will,
having His Son, Jesus, as our Mentor.

Lanette Kissel lives in southern Indiana with her adopted Yorkie-Poo, Benjy. She enjoys writing Inspirational poetry, essays, articles, and some secular fiction. Her work has been published in small print publications and in online magazines. Some of her fiction has been published as e-books at Red Rose Publishing.


  1. Hello, Lanette, so true are your words. I guess it is all part of living, learning and growing. Superficialities come in many forms and that is definitely one of them. Your words, in the reading, become a stark reality! Welcome to Whispers! Sheri

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sheri.

  2. These are such inspiring words, Lanette! I especially like that third stanza. I hope to read more of your wonderful work soon.

    1. Poppy,
      Thanks so much for the kind words.

  3. Very nice poem, Lanette. I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  4. Lanette, I loved your inspiring words. I choose to live in the spiritual realms. I find so much more peace there than ever the things of this world can bring. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

    1. Charlene,
      Thanks for the kind words.