Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Special Feature Collaborative Poem--By Annie Jenkin and Jack Horne--England

The Circus 

By Annie Jenkin and Jack Horne
Excitement is mounting for the Circus tonight!
Anticipation over, elation in full flight
Hands held tight, we look in awe as we step through the door.
A fanfare of music and atmosphere in uproar,
A brightly dressed ringmaster in top hat and tails
Enthusiastically, eloquently regales.
Clowns with big happy smiles, no frowns
Slim girls in leotards, some in gowns,
Troops climb ropes and head for the Trapeze swings
Whilst jugglers toss batons and giant rings.

This happy audience is unaware
The chap in hat and tails tore out his hair,
He’d wrung his hands and cussed at all in sight,
And shouted, “Alcohol is banned tonight.”
His tortured mind was full of last night’s show,
With tightrope walkers falling far below,
Trapeze artists who’d let their partners slip
And bounce on safety nets (one cut her lip),
The jugglers dropped the batons, balls and toys,
While grumpy clowns scared the girls and boys.

What a night! What an absolute delight.
In the Big Top! Amid an array of dazzling sights,
It was as if we had been sprinkled with some stardust,
Tears of laughter from clowns, White Face and Auguste.
It was all there, bubbles, cycles and custard pies
Musical flutes, magic tricks and spinning bow ties.
Up high, flyers with heart stopping routines
Of twists and turns, the youngest in their teens!
Forward and backward somersaults by lithe acrobats,
Synchronized like ribbons of dancing nimble cats.

When hearing the whooping, hollering and applause.
The ring master smiled broadly but mentally pressed pause.
Upon reflection, and through careful observation,
He proudly thought – staff deserved this admiration.
Hours of rigorous rehearsal, timing clinical
Provided the platform for such a spectacle
So tonight as he lies down to slumber
He prays the nightmares are fewer in number
Indeed he dreams about the circus ring
He enjoyed as a small boy on a horse performing!


  1. Jack and Annie,

    Great work presented for us to read..I was captivated by the intriguing story..


  2. Jack and Annie,
    I love your charming poem as I love the circus! Great job!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  3. Well done Jack and Annie, it reads as if there was only one author. Really terrific imagery and flow. Robert

  4. Thank you, Isha Wagner, for the following--

    This wonderful poem brings back that glittering, magical feeling when one was a child and going to the Circus was a momentous occasion; the richness, colour and sheer excitement; the heart fluttering feeling when watching the trapeze artists; feeling a little wary of the painted clowns, then going home with the mind going over and over all the events.

    Yours sincerely
    Isha Wagner

  5. It is a very creative and talented joint effort here, when two people can make such vivid motion and activity. Reads like such a fun adventure and excitement. You guys did a grand and superb job of blending thoughts and making this a very fun read! My final comment it, WOW! Sheri

  6. You make me want to join the circus, but guess I am a bit too old for that.

  7. A well written story poem you two! Quite a creative piece. Your talents joined together perfectly to create an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation of what was going to come next, even like a circus itself. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Your wonderful story brought back many memories of a time long ago when I would visit the circus with my mum and dad. I always enjoyed all the thrilling events, such as you both described here. Thank you for your co-write, most enjoyable indeed. Take care, Leokadia.

  9. What a delight, Annie and Jack. I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (www.tgbtgpublictions.com)

  10. Hello Annie & Jack. My family & I never miss the circus when it comes to town. Your wonderful poem made me smile because I love the circus! A heartfelt collaboration! Best wishes, Chris~