Monday, November 30, 2015

Be at Peace--By Dr. Upma A. Sharma--India

Be at Peace

Conflict of societies, fight for boundaries,
Extreme collective aggression and we are at war .....

Ecosystem deteriorates, Infrastructure crushed
and modernisation of warfare,
Are we heading towards humanisation ?

Let one Tsunami rise or an earthquake shudder,
and everything finally at peace,
To make us understand that we,
the inhabitants, only are visitors,
And not born to own the land ....

Then why those mass graves, why the gunpowder,
and the nuclear weapons,
Learn some aesthetics and polemology ...

Let love wash internal rage and humanity tackle blood stains,
Altruism surface and nobility win,
So that birds can fly high and animals enjoy freedom,
Ecology and greens flourish as Mother Earth nurtures,

Serenity is in the air to each soul's perfect flair,
Let logical reasoning grow and Peace prevail ....

Passion for poetry can turn anyone crazy, Dr. Upma A. Sharma has proved this so well. She finds time from her busy schedule to satiate her appetite for words, words that rhyme with her heart. She feels that nothing in this world happens without a reason and so is poetry. This indeed is a purposeful expression of emotions and thoughts that are well oxygenated before putting them into circulation, and positive words certainly are a way to serenity.


  1. Dr. Sharma,
    A lovely first post! I adored it so much. A warm welcome to Whispers!
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  2. Dear Dr. Upma:
    A beautiful plea for peace. I wish I could understand tand the force that brings out the murderous side of mankind. A mystery never to be solved I fear. SuZ