Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Happy Birthday" to You! Have a Great Day!--By Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson--Canary Islands

"Happy Birthday" to You! Have a Great Day!

Happy Birthday Mother and brother Ken
Hope you're enjoying yourselves up in Heaven
Along with my Dad brothers Harry, Robert too
And all other loved ones up there with you
I've been thinking of you all day long
With a love that's still just as strong
As it was when you were here with me
Lovingly holding me gently
I love you, I love you, this I'm sure you know
Just thinking of you gives me a happy glow
I could shed tears at the loss of thee
But these I know you wouldn't want to see
So Mam and Ken I am smiling as I say
"Happy Birthday" to You! Have a Great Day!
And I know you'll be looking down tomorrow too
Sending brother Graham down here much love from You

Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson is a coal miner’s daughter, the only girl among 6 lads.
A young mother to a son, she became a widow before she turned 18.  Patricia, then, married her childhood sweetheart who fathered her lovely son and two wonderful daughters.  Her children encouraged her to pursue her own talents.  After 51 years of marriage, she became a widow again recently.  She fills her time with poetry, helping others whenever she can.


  1. Patricia,
    A fine poem. Did your mother and brother have the san=me birthday or died the same day. I hope it's not the latter, that would be so sad.