Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Path Beyond My Door--By Pam Murray--Canada

The Path Beyond My Door

I’ve wandered down this path before,
This magic realm beyond my door
Where sunlight sparkles leaf to leaf
And magic strengthens my belief

That heaven is around us now.
Life tries to let us know somehow
But we’re most often deaf and blind.
We’ve left this inner truth behind

Until that moment we reach out
And see its light that stills the doubt.
How could a world, so beautiful,
Not be from God. I feel its pull

And let its peace immerse my soul.
When life careens, out of control,
A glance outside is all I need
To gain release as I am freed.

This path that winds and bends around
The evergreens is hallowed ground
That calls me out into the day
As stresses simply fade away.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Pam Murray has been writing poetry since the mid-1960’s.  She was married for over 41 years and has two daughters, a son-in-law, and a grandson.  Pam has been published in a variety of venues.  Her proudest writing accomplishment was a poem she wrote for a United Way fundraiser, which was later framed with a French translation and hung on the wall of the legislature in Ottawa, Canada.  To her, poetry is a transposition of a vision she sees in her mind.  Writing and crocheting are her passions.


  1. Beautiful and inspirational verses that motivate and raise our faith on living, May we immerse into the peace you encountered. Thanks for it. .

  2. Pam, that inner truth is what we desire.

  3. Hi Pam: Nothing like a walk in Nature to restore our soul. SuZ