Monday, April 18, 2016

Motherhood--By Jennifer Criss--United States


Feel free to get a new glass
for every drink of water and leave it
half full in the room you left
with the lights on

By all means, leave your dirty socks
in the middle of the floor
and your shoes in the kitchen
where the dishes remain untouched

I’d be happy to wash those jeans
six times when you’ve only worn them once
because you leave them on the floor
to be wrinkled and stomped upon

Please, let me cook four different meals
because no one can agree
on the same thing
then leave it untouched on your plate

It’s no trouble, being your mother
day in and day out, morning to night
I want to kiss that face and then scream
into a pillow at the top of my lungs.

Jennifer Criss graduated from Ball State University with a minor in Creative Writing, a lifelong passion.  She is currently collaborating on an anthology for older adults and helps lead a writing support group. Jennifer writes mostly short stories but has discovered a love for writing poetry.  Her poetry has been published in Poebita Magazine. She now works at Ball State, is a busy mother of two girls and her pen keeps moving. She is an editorial assistant with Indiana Voice Journal.


  1. Such a series of accurate descriptions...
    Motherhood is truly a labor of love.

  2. Love this poem! It speaks truth in such a kind way!

  3. Hello Jennifer. I am not sure if you are new to Whispers or not, but if so, welcome. I enjoyed your poem, "Motherhood." It is a passionate write, celebrating the joys and pains of motherhood (parenthood). Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!