Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blue Mist--By Marlene Million--United States

Blue Mist

Night summons a misty-blue realm,
and magic is limitless, boundless
in vast universe. Azure deep, dreams wax,
wane during night's crescent moon.

Mind's aglow in reverie amid tapestry
of dreams.  Ancient myths, superstition
and mystical traditions flow in shades
of blue like sky's perfect hue.

In whirl of renewal, dreamer journeys
on wings beyond caverns of light, soaring
in essence of new insight, free, joyous,
winding through night's shining stars.

Marlene Million is a retired insurance secretary from her husband's business and grandmother of four. She has published two chapbooks and belongs to several writers’ groups. She had a poem on display at Indianapolis Arts Garden the month of February, 2013 and has been published in a variety of venues.


  1. Lovely poem. I have blue eyes, so I am predisposed to like the subject matter, I suppose.

  2. Thanks, Marlene, many brilliant threads here waiting to be woven