Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Being Terminal--By Nila Webster--United States

On Being Terminal

For all the hours

I pray my life be a prayer
and a poem
a sacred psalm
of sparkling light

Nila J. Webster


Editor’s thoughts—It is not often that I recommend something at our online journal, but Nila’s videos are so inspirational that I know they will help others. 


4 minute YouTube video on the power of creative writing: 

Link to Ways of Healing with Cancer site:  


Nila J. Webster has been writing since a young age, thanks to the encouragement and support of her beloved mother, poet jani johe webster. Nila has donated over 100,000 picture books in her mother's honor, with more to come. If anyone knows of schools or hospitals that would like to receive a picture book donation, please let her know at nila.webster@comcast.net. 


  1. The most beautiful poem! I will now watch your video.

    Thank you for sharing, Nila.

  2. Nila,
    I have read a great deal of your work in many publications, including this one, and I must say, your poems are definitely an inspiration to many.
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  3. Beautiful, Nila....just beautiful! Sending love and prayers your way.