Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Activity Featuring--Thoughts on Dedication--Hosted by Jack Horne--England

We wondered where the word 'dedication' would take you. Would you think of dedicated individuals, or would you go for a dedication to someone or something? We couldn't wait to find out, and we certainly weren't disappointed! 

Jack Horne--England
Your Activity Feature Editor

1952 State Champions

The men’s high school basketball team
traveled across state for the championship
game and headed home with the trophy.

They stopped at a restaurant on the way.
Two players were black.  The manager
said they’d be served on the back steps.

The entire basketball team walked out.
In terms of being proud, winning the
championship took second place.

Caryl Calsyn, United States

Luminous Passion

A young girl, only twelve years old
I wrote down in my little notebook
Back then, I didn't know what the word
meant, it sounded like a joyful melody

A smile, a tear, bliss, discouragement,
and perseverance to fight for my beliefs
I traveled an emotional journey to understand
Dedication is an act of luminous passion

Inge Wesdijk, The Netherlands


No eye can see
Nor tongue can speak
Of that inner radiance-
A subtle release of that life force,
Which pulsates and rekindles
That sense of awe-
Blending that which was from time eternal,
Freeing, in awestruck thanksgiving
One whom is permitted to share
Agape, unconditional love

Jack Waller, Canada

Always remembered
being kind and warmhearted
my late Grandmother

Immer in Erinnerung
freundlich und warmherzig
meine Großmutter

Siempre acordaba 
amable y cariñosa
mi difunta abuela

Gert Knop, Germany

D evoted for life
E ternally pursues
D etermined to win
I  deals set high
C aptivated by good
A llured to win
T errific human being
E nthusiastic in endeavors
D iligent humans who achieve goals.

Sara Kendrick, United States

Dartmoor Dedication

My eyes scan lowering clouds
That shroud strong hills and harsh tors;
Weak sunlight battles indifferent rain,
And both fall unheeded on lazy bracken and bright heather;
A laughing wind shakes the brittle gorse
And blows sardonic kisses into my eyes.

Nick Spargo, United Kingdom


That single word
commencing all friendships,
opening all doors.

It crosses bridges, 
it travels across and between continents,
is said with handshakes or hugs
or with a wave, but always with a smile
and the lucky hear it.

In any language it means the same.


Linda Imbler, United States


students, teachers, and staff
with a single goal
a wheelchair for Clara
who has cerebral palsy
fundraiser after fundraiser
gift after gift
at last the magic number
$16,000--and they celebrate
Clara in her new chair
with a big smiley face 

Elizabeth Howard, United States

 around the world
 poetic hugs

*Dedicated to each & every haiku poet
 who makes this world a better place.

Barbara Tate, United States


standing steadfast
on shaky ground

with resolve,
one step for now

seeking the light
to calm fears

words with wings…
a season of hope

Karen O’Leary, United States


Could this mean that you are trying to make life easier
for those in dire need of support,
and putting their needs before your own;
and by doing so becoming self less and dedicated.
I have my own cause which I support from the heart,
providing warm clothes and sleeping bags for the homeless.
Buying the Big Issue weekly helps the homeless
to help themselves and get off the streets.
I pray each night that they survive the winter,
these brave and courageous people. God Bless.

Jan Stalker, United Kingdom

Love Well

Love is a well. Deep and pure.
And just as water nourishes the body
Love refreshes the soul
It has to be cradled, revered 
Or it slips through the fingers.
The more you love, the more you give
An ever flowing cycle.
From a trickle it can become an ocean
Given time and tenderness.

Tess Leyreloup, United Kingdom

To Teachers

Like the forgotten hands that erect palaces –
Toiling away hours, distilling Shakespeare
And arithmetic so that they may see that
There’s more to life than the edges of the street.   
Aware of being used… by some to cross the yellow brick road
Others – to while away time, yet never wavering –
Always encouraging – giving to others – hours – dreams
and one day forgotten, retiring to hide behind the wallpaper
without fame of glory – An existence dedicated to a passion.
The real brave knights – the pillars of humanity.

Feby Joseph, India


Perseverance of the intense bees;
and iron-will of the frisky spider,
Tiny self-disciplined ants queue up;
ascend cliffs in endeavour,
Subtle Moth embraces flame;
while robust win the muscle game,

Passion at borders sets ablaze; 
high heaps of enemies at the gate,
Dedicated heroes of war return;
as twenty-one cannons decorate.

Dr. Upma A. Sharma, India

year after year
students enjoy their classes...
dynamic teachers
who enthuse their students
with a love of learning

Mary Gunn, Ireland


I have come, Mother, to your eternal resting place,
a gathering of small birds hold onto a fragile bare tree;
then, fly up, gaining and falling, fighting a dark wind,
leaving me to my grief over your cold frozen tomb.

I am lonely, oh so alone, Mother, since you left me,
standing helpless, I watched your beauty fade away;
every moment with you was a treasure in my heart,
I could not keep you here, so I sadly said, let her go.

Constance Lafrance, Canada


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