Monday, February 12, 2018

Thoughts--By Eleanor Michael--United States


One morning, I fell to musing
about “how time flies.”
That brought to mind the way
I say two a’clock
instead of two O’clock.
Who knows how far back that goes?
Now, digital’s glowing numbers
throw me, as I still think
and say quarter 'til
or quarter past. When half
the hour is gone, half-past.
To choose a way I can describe
this state of mind, I simply say
out of date. Where does the time go?
I don’t know.

Eleanor Michael has published poetry and short stories in a variety of venues.


  1. Dear Eleanor,

    You sure make me muse about time after reading your poem. I would like to call your piece 'timeless'
    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  2. Eleanor, fine verseful thought! We ask, where has the time gone?
    __ I can say that, what I had long ago learned (learnt?), and my 52 year old MA, are no longer of any value; I must now re-learn from the young(erest) teachers. But I'll still pronounce February as Feb-RU-ary, and not... Feb-ER-Rary, and on and on. As we continue to learn, our keys wind the clock springs. Sorry to take up so much space here, the senryu. Smiles! _m

    swings east to west
    keys time

  3. yes indeed - tempus fugit, as they say

  4. Dear Eleanor,

    The time flees faster these days as I always seem to have more to do then the time allots me. The creative style allowed Magyar to really get into this one with his own one in response. These extended thoughts, we don't see often on our work, should have you smiling as am I. Thank you for being a part of Whispers all these years. Your support and encouragement have been greatly appreciated.