Thursday, April 26, 2018

Special Feature Young Writer--By Ece Cehreli--Turkey

a beanstalk
climbing with Jack
to the fairy castle

a magic night
the fairies making
a haiku potion

a spring breeze
a unicorn flying
from cloud to cloud

St. Patrick's Day
the hungry dwarfs
found the colcannon

colorful garden
a child dreaming
about liberty

Ece Cehreli is an 11-year-old. She is a secondary school student at Lycée Charles de Gaulle, Turkey. She adores writing and reading poetry, especially haiku.  Ece had been published in various venues including, The Herald Tribune, Asahi Haikuist Network and brass bell.


  1. Good writings, Ece!
    Especially liked the unicorn flying from cloud to cloud.😊

  2. Beautiful haiku sequence Ece, congratulations!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your poems Ece, you've created lots of strong images. Thank you for sharing your work. Annie

  4. Delightful. Very talented youth. Sara

  5. Beautigul poems, Ece. We bless you for a bright poetic journey.You have a touch of creative colour in your painting of words.
    Thank you, Karen for encouraging to young poets.

  6. Nicely done, Ece. I love to read young poets. I especially love the last stanza or your poem. Thank you for sharing. Continued blessings!


  7. Freedom is a worthy dream for all of us! Well done!

  8. Dear Ece,
    Are you a fairy preparing the haiku potion? Your poetry is innocent, thoughtful and full of hope. I wish you a wonderful literary journey. Thank you for sharing your verses with us. Guliz Mutlu

  9. I am proud of you, Ece!
    Your aunt,
    Fatma Gultepe

  10. A delightful and imaginative poem. You have brightened my day in so many ways, Fairy Hugs, SuZ

  11. Dear Ece,

    The talent runs in the family! I believe since you are able to write such beautiful poetry already, you have a shining poetic future ahead.

    Best wishes,

  12. __ A grand collection of your haiku, Ece, they seem to have been joined by your thoughtful sight, and I'm hopefully sure you'll continue to write as you see. Nifty! _m

  13. Ece, I loved your sequential haiku. Thank you for sharing your talent with us here on Whispers.
    Love, Charlene

  14. Congratulations Ece! What a wonderful response to your poetry. I like the imaginary world you awaken. You are a talented writer, which I hope you will continue to share the gift of words for Whispers. Wishing you continued success with your writing.


  15. Ece,
    What a talented writer you are! How did you get interested in haiku? I did not know it was taught in the Turkey school system.
    Your new friend,
    David Fox

  16. Dear Ece,
    I liked every line
    very good writing
    Knight Writer

  17. Your string of haiku was a delight to read, Ece. Keep have a bright future awaiting. // paul

  18. Dear Little Bright Mind (Ece), it's such a thrill to read new talent and to know that more is sure to come makes the discovery so much more exciting; you are very clever with your haiku and as much as you adore writing and reading poetry, especially haiku....we so adore YOU! I love each and every enchanting one you wrote!