Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sullen Victory--By Ruth C. Rehberg--United States

Sullen Victory

These cold days press down
on me, on you;
relentless, endless, seeming

to have over-taken the world…

depleting it of sunlight,
scouring it with dull, rotting cold,
holding us down with iced- over
handcuffs, brandishing sullen
victory about our quiet
human tabernacles.

Yet, one day, the release will come…

By seeded faith that sprouts  
in a dark soul
and will not be put to death;
that incubates a small light that
has never gone out, not since Eden.

Hope flourishes finally,
when the harsh pangs
of brittle winter and small steps
of wobbling spring begins to clash.

Ruth C. Rehberg lives with her family in the hills of western Wisconsin, daily reveling in the bounty of beauty around her Garden Valley home. Some of her happiest moments involve walking the roads and woods, scooting on her petunia-pink moped, porch-sitting every minute possible, breathing in the joy of the twilight-golden hour, and reading until her eyes can’t stay open. Gratitude to God for the beauty of the earth is her life’s work.


  1. Thank you Ruth for your poem. Sometimes we have to wait a long time before finally Spring arrives, but what a joy when the first shy flowers show themselves and a friendly sun peeks through the clouds.

    Best wishes,

  2. what a powerful poem about Winter's harshness finally giving way to the welcome Spring

  3. Yes, that "Sullen Victory" will come, Ruth. A wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!