Monday, September 2, 2013

Astir--By Ndaba Sibanda--Saudi Arabia


You set it ablaze
Setting the tongues
In motion and wonder
You upped your game
Even startled the judges
Tore off the form book

The truth is yet to be told

Ndaba Sibanda is a Zimbabwean-born writer. His poems, essays and
short stories have been published in Africa and the USA. Ndaba
currently lives and teaches in Saudi Arabia. Of his career, he
says, "writing is my life, and my second wife".


  1. Hello Ndaba. Welcome to Whispers. Thank you for sharing your gift with this blessed community. I feel the "realness" your writing. I hope to read more of your work.


  2. Maurice, thanks for the kind words. Yes, l always try to be real. Actually, l have been around for some time now, and a number of my poems have been published here. On this very site you will find my poems such as "Dawn"(published in March), "History-making Victory"(published in January),"Nature`s Intoxicating Songs And Sights"(published in May), and "Special Love"( published in July).

  3. Dear Ndaba,

    Thank you for all the encouraging comments you left for others today. It is people like you that make Whispers possible. Wishing you the best in all your writing endeavors. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poetry with us.


  4. I have read you several times Ndaba and enjoy your work. This poetry 'Astir' is something to think upon - bringing me to re-read you a couple of time. I like it when words bring me to think beyond my own imagination...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  5. Karen and Rhoda-thank you for stopping by.

  6. Thank you, Richard Sponaugle, for the following comment--

    Makes the reader think. Very unique and has more meaning with each new reading.

  7. Dear Ndaba

    I search for a deeper understanding in this lovely poem. I keep reading it and wonder as you so if the truth will ever quite be told.


  8. Thank you, Barbara Siekierski, for the following comment--

    Nice poem about playing games and competing against each other.

  9. "Setting tongues on fire..." sounds like something the nosy neighbor or the town gossip might do, Ndaba. I may be completely wrong in my take on this, nevertheless, a good poem!

  10. Thank you, Eleanor Michael, for the following comment--

    Good title.

  11. Thank you, John Williams, for the following comment--

    Sometimes only half truths of a situation are reflected. But as the poet so clearly points out, "The truth is yet to be told." Thanks for sharing your thoughts.