Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Dawn's Bright Glow--By Andrea Dietrich--United States

In Dawn's Bright Glow

The sweet notes of a bird drift down to me
from one grand oak that shines with day’s first rays.
I look up at blue sky and that old tree.
What joy, for at a glad lark I now gaze!
The lark sings on. Her song fills up my heart.
I turn to see a deer whose head is bent
to drink at a cool stream; the view is art. . .
Sun’s beams, the deer and lark from God were sent
to cheer me at this time. My eyes are drawn
to fields far off and near them - hills that gleam
in that gold stream of light, the blaze of dawn,
My thoughts now waft as if they were a dream.
I feel such bliss, I wish to keep it - so
I sit to write of it in dawn’s bright glow.

Andrea Dietrich grew up in Iowa and now resides in Utah with a spouse and two cats. She has two grown children and six grandchildren. Having graduated BYU with a Spanish major/ESL minor, she has spent most of her adult life teaching. It wasn't until 2000 that she began writing in earnest and discovering her "niche" as a writer of lyrical poetry. The internet opened up a new world for her, and she has spent nearly a decade now participating in poetry clubs, acting as a judge of poetry contests for various magazines and for the website Shadow Poetry.


  1. Thank you, Andrea! This poem makes me feel grateful and happy. What more could I ask for?

  2. Wow, your descriptive lines drew me right in and made it so clear in my mind. Excellent poem!


  3. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    Andrea: beautiful write

  4. Andrea,
    This is one beautiful sonnet you composed here. Well done!

  5. Yes, all those aforementioned creations are a blessing to mankind, they also signify and illuminate the beauty of Nature, and reveal God`s dexterity and magnificence. What a beautiful piece, Andrea.

  6. Hi Andrea, brilliant imagery in this poem. I especially liked "hills that gleam in that gold stream of light, the blaze of dawn..." Very nice. Best wishes, Carolyn Devonshire

  7. Hi Andrea -

    Wonderful to be back reading. I love the scope, and the sounds of the lark. Beauty.