Thursday, September 12, 2013

Book of Stamps--By Cindy Evans--United States

Book of Stamps

With a book of stamps you can
do many thoughtful things;
with creativity and caring,
many blessings you can bring!
You can send a card
to a patient so they'll feel better.
You can reach a prisoner
just by dashing off a letter!
You can help a hurting heart
by penning a kind note
or congratulate someone's work;
they'll be glad you wrote!
There are birthdays to celebrate,
a new home to acknowledge,
and wishes of good luck
for a student off to college!
So many reasons to mail some mail,
so many lives to touch--
so buy some stamps and send some love.
You can never send too much!

Cindy Evans is a published poet living in the sunny south. When she's not writing, she does office work for Christian companies, spends time with her husband, Mark, goes walking and visits grand openings!


  1. Hi Cindy. What a beautiful and artistic poem. You are certainly right, a book of stamps can do a lot. Thanks for reminding us to take some time to think about someone else. I also want to thank you for your continued support of Creative Inspirations; it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Cindy, I love this verse as we never give much thought to the power of stamps. Indeed, they do all the things you outlined so well. Very nice! Carolyn Devonshire

  3. Cindy, a very inspiring poem. My grandson who is on a mission for our church, said he would rather get a letter snail mail than an e-mail. He feels it is more personal. Thank you for the confirmation that a stamp is really a stamp of love to many.

  4. Thank you, Christine Tate, for the following comment--

    Hi Cindy, you've conveyed an awesome message in your poem. Blessing others with a humble attitude brings rewards that God alone provides; they transcend our finite minds. Loved your poem. People need to be remembered! Thanks for the reminder. God Bless .

  5. Almost every day my mailbox is filled with junk and then on other days, my bills to be paid by the first of the month. I think sending cards and letter is a thing of the past. It is too bad for a simple card or letter can say so much to the receiver. Great poetry full of truth...

    Rhoda Galgiani