Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Days of Autumn--By Connie Marcum Wong--United States

Days of Autumn

An argentine sky adorns
The woodlands in a misty shroud
As only slight remnants
Of a long forgotten path remain,
Embraced by the beauty of maples
And by the scent of cool crisp air--
Autumn permeates.
Yet there is a subtle warmth
In the mélange of colorful
Pumpkin, gold and vermilion leaves,
In their swirling harmonic dance
As they depart the boughs of their birth
Unified in death, as in life.

Connie Marcum Wong has been the Web Mistress of a private poetry forum Poetry for Thought since October 1999. Her poetry has been in many publications, anthologies, magazines, and e-zines over the years. She published her first poetry chapbook, Island Creations in 2005. In 2007, Heart Blossoms was published. In January 2010, an anthology, A Poetry Bridge to All Nations, was published by Lulu Enterprises, Inc. Connie created the 'Constanza' poetry form in 2007 and Con-Verse form in 2010. She has resided with her husband in Hawaii since 1980.


  1. Thank you for sharing your talent. This was so well written and I loved all your descriptive words, especially..........
    "In their swirling harmonic dance
    As they depart the boughs of their birth
    Unified in death, as in life."

    Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Oh Connie -

    This is your best ever!!! (but you know how my memory is). What Charlene said all over again. This sings Autumn like a golden record. The "subtle warmth" of your words is infectious. I love your last five lines of pure poetry at its best.

    love you as always,

  3. Emotional thoughts here with your words. Your warmth clearly shows your love of nature. Beautiful...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  4. Hi Connie, As you say so profoundly in this poem, even when we lose loved ones (or miss the changing colors of autumn as the leaves fall), we are "Unified in death, as in life." Brilliant imagery and a great message. Nice to see you hear, Connie. Best wishes, Carolyn

  5. Very nice to read your poems here. A lovely picture of autumn.

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful, Connie. Your choice of words brings the colours vividly to life for me.