Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Brainbow--By Jane Richer--Canada

The Brainbow

I watched, chuckling as my five-year old daughter spread her pack of crayons out.
'No sweetie!'; pick just one color from the pack, and put the others back!'

'But Mommy!' they all are so pretty and I really can't choose just one!'
'Do you know the names of them all, some of the prettiest ones I can't recall?'

I sighed, as I was tired and there was so much housework left to be done.
'Sometimes you give me a tired brain; but sweetie I will tell you once again!'

'Red, Yellow, Green & Blue, Orange, Pink, Black, White, Brown & Purple!'
'There are ten colors in your pack, nine of them you must put back!

'Sweetie did you understand what Mommy has said for you to do with nine?'
'Ah Huh Mommy?' she replied; with the world's cutest twinkle in her eye.

Full basket of clothes I turned to open the washer's lid, turning the dial.
I started to walk back and was angry at the three crayons in the pack.

'Didn't I tell you to put away nine; why is their still seven crayons out?'
Then she pointed to her page and she seemed so much wiser than her age.

'I was trying to remember what you had told me Mommy and it hurt my head!'
'God told me it had tired His brain, seeing His world all covered in rain!'

'That made me very sad, Mommy and I knew what I must do to make God smile!'
'So I took these colors of seven and made Him a Brainbow that reached Heaven!'

Jane Richer is a poet and writer who lives in Alberta, Canada. She is published online and in print. She loves to poke fun at herself and rather likes to write tongue-in-cheek poetry but she will dabble in all kinds of genres to widen her creative nature. She loves to 'sister'- (write a complimentary poem) and feels that is the greatest form of acknowledgment and respect in expression for another poet's talent.


  1. Hi Jane. Good to read some of your poetry again. I am never disappointed with the way you can craft a meaningful reminder from the words you create. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more of your poetry in Creative Inspirations as well. Blessings!

  2. Dear Jane -

    You know how you lose your breath and your eyes start with wince and you bottom lip goes over your top lip and then you cry. This is how your sweet sweet poem has touched me today.