Saturday, October 12, 2013

Haiku--By Ron C. Moss--Australia

freezing rain—
a child kisses
the snowman’s cheek

Paper Wasp 9:3

second bell
a flame robin scatters
heavy dew

Contemporary Haibun Online, Dec 2005, Vol. 1 #3

lovers on the dune
lucerne pods burst
In the heat

Frogpond 25.2, 2012

silence . . .
my shadow eases
into the rock

Simply Haiku , Issue 1

simmering milk
my baby sister’s bonnet
feathered with frost

The Heron’s Nest Vol. XVI, Number 1, March 2013

Ron C. Moss is a Tasmania visual artist, poet and lover of haiku. His poetry has won international awards and been translated into several languages. Ron's art is sold as limited edition-prints and originals. He has been featured in poetry journals and has designed several award winning poetry books.  Ron is a two time winner of the Haiku Society of America International renku competition, and he is a current member on the Haiku Society of America. Please check out Ron’s


  1. I think your writing fascinating. I want to learn to write Haiku poetry.

    1. Thank you Charlene and I'm pleased you would like to learn haiku. A excellent starting book is Lee Gurga's Book.... Haiku: A poet's Guide

  2. Dear Ron:

    your haiku are such a pleasure and I"m so glad you are with us the share them. 'simmering milk ..." brings such warm memories and beauty.


    1. Thank you very much Kathy and it is a pleasure to be here. Yes haiku can evoke so much for three short lines :-)

    2. Ron,
      You write great haiku and you are certainly a master of your craft with all those publications and awards...

  3. l enjoyed reading your beautiful Haiku poetry.

  4. Thank you very much Ndabe abd I'm pleased you liked them.

  5. haiku are the worlds best short journey! The snowman melts my heart :-) i have enjoyed your poems very much. Ralph.