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            Lisa DeVinney--United States
            Alice Stevens--United States
            Gerald A. McBreen--United States
            Leokadia Durmaj--Australia
            Eunice G. B. Kowa--Botswana
Please welcome them to our community.  We now have representatives from the following countries--Australia, Botswana, Canada, Canary Islands, England, France, Germany, India, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and Wales.  I look forward to expanding this list in the future. Thank you to everyone that has supported Whispers in any way.        --Sincerely,  Karen


Carolyn Devonshire, Sandra Stefanowich and Jack Horne announce the release of their collaboration poetry book, Shades of Darkness and Light. This book is currently available from, price $2.50

Joann Grisetti released In The Quiet Valley, a book of short poems in 2013. This book is now available online at and (search book titles or author's name at the appropriate website) or contact Joann directly at

Jack Horne announces the release of his debut novel, A Ghost Hunt: a paranormal romance. This book is currently available from, price $3.99

Eunice.Gaba,Rafywa  released her first poetry book titled, The Poet in Me in September 24, 2013 published by Xlibrispublishing. It is her very first book as a writer which has not had many reviews yet and it is available for reviews online, Barnes and noble and the e-book is also available in (search The Poet in Me under Eunice. Gaba.Rafywa) OR contact Eunice at;

Ndaba Sibanda’s short story, "Of Tokoloshe And The Translator" has been published in India by Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, and his poem "River Love" has been published by the Elohi Gadugi Journal. Links:

Robert Epstein, editor of the anthology, Now This: Contemporary Poems of Beginnings, Renewals, and Firsts, is pleased to announce its publication, which is available online at

(Editor note--Thank you Robert for including my poem in this anthology.  For those who enjoy haiku, I recommend this book.)

Rhoda Galgiani released Expressions From the Inside Out, a book of poetry in 2011. Rhoda's second book is a child's story entitled No Snow for Johnny in 2012. Both books are published by APF Publisher. They have received good reviews and is available online at and (search book titles or author's name at the appropriate website) or contact Rhoda at:

Brian Strand latest kindle now available on Amazon is Structured Prose in which Brian demonstrates therein his theme confirmed by D H Lawrence words about poetry it all depends upon the ''pause'', the natural pause, the natural lingering of the voice according to the feeling.

John W. (Bill) Williams published a science fiction book that he also illustrated called The Dream Hill.  To order copies from Xlibris Company call 1-888-795-4274 or go to  The website provides sample pages of the book for interested readers.

Karen O’Leary makes homemade cards with poetry and other features.  With cards in stores getting so expensive, she would like to offer the opportunity to have cards with your poetry or cards she designs for occasions made to fit your needs.  She will be charging $2 for United States and $3 (US currency only) for other countries including postage.  Cards will include envelopes ready for mailing to others.  Sample cards are available.  Please contact her a if you would like to discuss options or if you want her mailing address to order a sample card.


Pat Simpson, APFPUBLISHER  and the owner of The Writers Alliance Poetry website, is seeking poetry 24 lines or less to be donated for a 100% Fund Raising Book that she is doing to help benefit the people affected by the Philippines disaster. Please send A.S.A.P. all donated poems to along with permission for it to published in the charity book.

Please consider supporting The Pen, The Jokester, and Creative Inspirations by sending stamps or other small donations to help with postage.  Thank you for considering this.                ---Karen

Jean Calkins, editor: The Jokester, 2 pages of clean jokes free by email monthly, a forever stamp by snail mail (monthly or quarterly). Help bring smiles to shut-ins by contributing forever stamps. Even one stamp helps. Jean Calkins, 260 4th St., Waynesville, NC 28786-3762.

Maurice J. Reynolds, the editor of the poetry publication Creative Inspirations, is seeking poetry 20 lines or less for his print magazine. Complete guidelines are available at  Stamps or cash donations would be appreciated to help with mailing costs.

Arthur C. Ford, poet/editor of The Pen (Poetry Newsletter) is looking for new subscribers and submissions. See information
(click on guidelines).

Robert Epstein, the editor of the poetry collection, The Sacred in Contemporary Haiku, is seeking haiku, senryu, tanka, and haiga related to the theme of the sacred, broadly conceived. Unpublished poems are preferred but published poems with full credits may
be sent to There is no compensation for inclusion. The deadline is: 12/31/13. The anthology will be available for purchase online at 

Robert Epstein, the author of an article on haiku and veganism and animal rights is
seeking haiku, senryu or tanka on the aforementioned themes. Please send poetry
to The deadline is: 12/31/13. There is no compensation for inclusion.

Whispers is always looking for new writers to join our community.  Please send family friendly poems 20 lines or less to  Complete guidelines posted 1/21/2013.  Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to the site.

Ads are placed by the underlined names.  Whispers has not verified the accuracy of all the information. 


  1. Dear Friends,

    Thank you to everyone that sent in an ad for this column. Welcome Lisa, Alice, Gerald, Lee, and Eunice to Whispers! I hope all of you find opportunities here to connect with others. Best wishes to everyone with your writing endeavors!


  2. Hello Karen and Whispers community. It is truly a blessing to be a part of this blessed community. Thank you, Karen, for all you do for the writing community. It's acts of gratitude and creativity like Whispers that continues to help the To God be the Glory! Publications and Creative Inspirations ministries continue to grow and be successful. Thank you so much and continued success in all your writing endeavors.


  3. Dear Maurice,

    Thank you for all you do to support and encourage others here at Whispers. It's people like you that make the site possible. What a gift it is to be a part of the writing community.