Monday, December 2, 2013

Glimmers of Hope--By Anna-Marie Docherty--Wales

Glimmers of Hope

The candles we light in honor of your name
Reflect the brightness you gave to our lives
Burn away at the darker side surrounding
Giving way to freedom’s path for your spirit
Helping bring healing to the hearts that miss you
Binding you in mind, faith and prayer
So your memory can live on and bring comfort
To those that walk in hope, with you beside them

Anna-Marie Docherty lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK and is often inspired by nature and the world around her. Having been writing poetry now for 4 - 5 years, her works have developed in structure and form as well as using free verse in her writing as she walks this endless art form and creativity in her thirst to further learn. Letting the pen and the muse dictate topic and form both humour, religion, nature or the serious subject might be touched upon therefore keeping the writing fresh and easy to read by those who follow. Writing both as given name above and pen name anaisnais through the net, examples of poems can be found both in Snippets, an anthology of short verse by various international poets, compiled by Karen O'Leary and Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson; also Pink Panther magazine, an anthology written by several poets and artists on feminist issues in our environment and various poems on the internet for taster.


  1. Thank you Anna-Marie for this inspirational poem. I really enjoyed reading this free verse.
    Love, Charlene

    1. Thank you Charlene, it's good to see you and hear that you enjoyed this write. Seasonal greetings x

  2. Thank you, Beth Winchcombe, for the following comment--

    I found truly inspirational, really beautiful.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Beth, most encouraging... good to see you.

  3. Anna-Marie, what a wonderfully inspirational poem. This one, for me, definitely is a "heart-toucher." Thank you for sharing.

    -MJ, Owner / Editor
    Creative Inspirations Poetry Publication

    1. Thank you Maurice, glad you could feel this poem. Glad you came by!

  4. Dear Anna-Marie, There are many troubled people who still "walk in hope." Candles always symbolize faith and hope to me, so I have many in my home. When I am down or lonely, I light the candles and try to remember all of the blessings for which I am thankful. What a lovely write of faith! Love, Carolyn Devonshire

    1. Thank you Carolyn, I also find candles symbollic of faith and hope. To watch the flame as it dances with freedom burning up the stale and refreshing/changing the atmosphere almost magically... Appreciate your thoughts as ever!

  5. Dear Anna - Marie,

    Beautiful write on "Glimmers of Hope" full of hope and inspiration thank you for sharing it with us.

    Sandra Stefanowich

    1. Hi Sandra, glad you found this write inspiring, I appreciate your coming by!

  6. May these glimmers become shining beacons that prism out in all directions and touch others as they have touched us here at Whispers. Thank you Anna-Marie for this wonderful poem. Love Jane

    1. Oh Jane what a wonderful thought - almost prayerful - if only we could take hope to the masses, so pleased you enjoyed and left your thoughts!

  7. karen,
    i love "glimmers of hope" from wales.

    it's "prayerish"
    good stuff!!!

    here's one of mine for you to considered.

    arthur c. ford,sr.,poet/editor

    Breaking its Fall

    Swaying in the wind
    Fellow leaves, will break its fall,
    Autumn's Brotherhood.

    By: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editor

  8. Oh Arthur, how touched I am to see your thoughts here! How beautiful your haiku - Breaking its Fall! Few words, give me great picture and sound! Appreciate you coming by with a comment!