Monday, December 9, 2013

Twenty Lines--By Gerald Heyder--United States

Twenty Lines

Much can be said within twenty lines
from philosophy to nursery rhymes.
Nature’s beauty by us when sought
can be painted through verse so wrought.
Love and passion are powerful chains
when linked to paper via ink stains
and broken hearts and fretful fears
splash on parchment through museful tears.
Limericks remove grit from our pail
when laughter is needed hearty and hail.
The provocative sonnets with lines we read
give much wisdom through implanted seeds.
Many letters penned in haste
contain true lines honestly chaste
and a soulful ballad with melody sweet
embellishes lyrics the heart seeks.
Children’s tales most potently told
are lines akin to nuggets of gold.
Yes, I’ve said what I wanted to say
through twenty lines and now good day!

Gerald Heyder is a published poet from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  1. This read really gave me a smile and I really enjoyed it. Thank you Gerald for a very nice piece of work. Your descriptive words of different types of writing were artfully painted. Thank you for your fun poem.

  2. I am always amazed at how much of life we can get into 20 lines or less and this poem sums it up perfectly. I'm so happy to share in the reading of it. Merry Christmas.

  3. Dear Gerald,

    What a joy to read your twenty lines of a fulfillment. "Limericks remove grit from our pail" as original a line as I've read in a long time. Too see beauty through the poet's page the world comes into clear focus.


  4. Hello Gerald. What a treat to see your poetry here at Whispers. As usual, I enjoy reading your poetry. Continued blessing in all your writing endeavors!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications, Creative Inspirations

  5. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following comment--

    Great job of it Gerald ! A real show of verbal dexterity in rhyme, poetry and education thereof. Awesome. I am impressed . Thanks for sharing Gerald.

  6. Thank you, Charlene, Pam, Kathy, Maurice, and Robert for you kind comments. Glad you enjoyed Gerald's poem as much as I did. I will send these comments to Gerald by mail. Gerald, keep up the good writing! Thank you for sharing your words with Whispers.