Saturday, February 8, 2014

Arabella--By Gerald Heyder--United States


“Though the flesh be broken
the spirit can fly like an eagle.”

Snow white dove void of wings,
broken heart that wants to sing.
Life is a sham for a tiny lamb
who has no legs, justice begs
compassion from those having everything.
Delicate Arabella laden with charms
was born without arms, but pity
her not for talent she has with
brush twixt toes her gift grows,
painting portraits on canvas advancing
beauty in a dismal, gloomy world.
What a pearl of a girl!
There may be Ella, Stella and Della,
but there is only one Arabella.
Thank God for Arabella!

“We must appreciate talent of others
before justifying our own.”

Gerald Heyder is a published poet from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


  1. How wise! How true! Humans are so innovative and creative and the desire to live life no matter what outshines any other and the ingenuity of production is like none other yet all of life is that creative! It is amazing and awesome! Sheri

  2. What a special poem about a very special girl. We are not to judge who is meant to live or die; we each have our own unique purpose in life. Here's to Arabella! Absolutely beautiful poem. Kristina

  3. Lovely write! Your pen flow nicely giving one insight as to the meaning of your poetry...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  4. Dear Gerald -

    This is a wonderful poem of admiration and triumph; deeply touching. Very humbling.


  5. Awesome poem, Gerald. I love how you blend real-life situations in to poetic beauty. Thanks for sharing and thank you for your submissions to the TGBTG! Publications website. Continued blessings! -MJ

  6. Thank you everyone for all the comments for Gerald. I will send them to him. Gerald, I hope you enjoy these lovely comments on your wonderful poem. Wishing you continued success with your writing.