Monday, February 3, 2014

Distant Shine--By Gert W. Knop--Germany

Distant Shine
(In German and English)

Ach, ihr Sterne,
versteckt euch nicht
und schickt mir euer helles Licht.
In dunkler Einsamkeit der Nacht,
so ist es mir,
als leuchtet ihr
alleine aus der Ferne nur
für mich

Ah, ye stars,
please do not hide
and send me your bright light.
In darkest loneliness of night
it is to me
that you are shining
from a distance
just only for me

Gert W. Knop, born in 1943, studies art and tropical agriculture in Germany and Scotland (University of Edinburgh). He has lived in many different countries and writes mainly in German, English and Spanish. He currently resides in Zittau (Saxony), Germany.


  1. I love it Gert, such great rhythm and imagery. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thank you for sharing a lovely poem. I can remember looking out my bedroom window as a child and thinking one star in particular was shining just for me and I would make a wish on it every night. Thanks for the reminder and your talent that awakened a special memory and the attending hope and excitement at the prospects of receiving my desired wish. I could use a little more of those special memories. Keep sharing your talent, so I can continue to enjoy nostalgic memories..
    Love, Charlene

  3. Stars - the ornaments of heaven...Love your poem...

    Rhoda Galgiani

  4. Oh, Gert, it's so nice to see you here writing in two languages. I read the German one first and knew only that it was about stars at night. Then I read the English version and it reminded me how stars always seem to shine with a smile, like those who have passed looking down upon us from the seams of heaven. Beautiful work! Love, Carolyn Devonshire

  5. Gert. such beautiful imagery opens up like a painting, A pleasure to read, Take Care, Leokadia

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  7. Of course, Gert. They shine only for you (or maybe one or two for me). To know the stars are only "hiding" is a sign of hope on the darkest of nights. Beautiful poem.


  8. Gert, what a lovely, well written and elegant poem, that draws me close to elements of nature and the universe that I enjoy so well. Thank you for the added treat of reading "Distant Shine" in German as well as English. You are gifted and your work is proof of that. Continued blessings, my friend! I enjoyed this.

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  9. Hello Gert,

    So nice to see a poem written in two languages. Sometimes I forget that a poem can be written in several languages.
    Wonderful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    Shirley Smothers

  10. This is brilliant, Gert! I love the German language so I am so pleased you expressed in both languages - it is so enlightening and marvelously written! Sheri

  11. Thank you for sharing this is both your native tongue and it. Sometimes I just like to gaze at the stars and wonder. Your poem has a child-like quality to it; gives me a warm, soft feeling inside. Kristina