Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Troubled Dreams--By Tim Ryerson--United States

In Troubled Dreams

Abandoned in the fifties after the war
A freight elevator stuck between floors
Obsolete machinery, splintered old chairs
In a warehouse in Newark, New Jersey somewhere

Dead air presses down, stifling and thick
Something still dwells behind one of those bricks
Curled up in a ball, it waits for me there
In a warehouse in Newark, New Jersey somewhere

A musty gray vapor that whispers my name
It seeps through the wall and creeps to my brain
It sighs and it groans as my soul is laid bare
In a warehouse in Newark, New Jersey somewhere

It mumbles and moans and drones of ancient tombs
Of claustrophobic closets and dim, hollow rooms
I cry out for help, echoes answer my prayer
In a warehouse in Newark, New Jersey somewhere

The ghost of my lonely, my lost and alone
My hopeless and helpless, my can't go back home
It's looking at me now with a dull, vacant stare
In a warehouse in Newark, New Jersey somewhere

Tim Ryerson is a published poet from Ponchatoula, Louisiana who retired from the printing business in 2011. He began writing in the 80’s but did not take it seriously until 2001 after the untimely death of his then 21 year old son. He does not have a ‘signature style’ but prefers writing different forms of poetry. Many of his poems use southern slang and Cajun dialect. He also enjoys writing humorous poems, especially limericks and senryu and was among the winners in the latest Humor Press writing contest with his entry “Emergency Rooms Just KILL me.”


  1. Hello, Tim, your poem is so indicative of the recurring dream in a unique repetitive style which reminds me of the Villanelle style poetry except that uniquely the same line is repeated throughout in the last line of each stanza. It reminisces of a past memory reflecting a moment in time that is woven into the mind........ Sheri

  2. Dear Tim,
    The last line is a haunting refrain for a poem that speaks of haunting loss and unrealized goals. The "dead air," "misty vapor" and especially the moans eminating from "ancient tombs" create a mood of utter despair. Be assured, Tim, everyone has a "home" waiting for them in heaven. The people we lost in our Earthly realm will be there to greet us. You know I have read this poem previously, but it still gives me goosebumps. Awesome write, Tim. Best wishes, Carolyn

  3. Tim, this is a well written expression of a 'nightmare' and hopefully not reality for you. I would sure be interested in knowing where these words come from deep within your soul. Does it have something to do with the loss of your 21 year old son? I do appreciate your talent in finding such poignant words to express what appears to be hopelessness connected with a loss. Deep heartfelt words do not come easy with loss. A great write.

  4. Well done Tim, something moving around in the dark side of life in and abandoned warehouse. Great imagery and flow making it an attention holding easy to read poem.


  5. Dear Tim,

    It is so good to see that your have already received some wonderful comments on your well-written poem. Welcome to Whispers! I hope you enjoy your time spent here.


  6. Wonderful poem! The repetition is mesmerizing... fantastic images... Terry

  7. Thank you, Robert Dufresne, for the following comment--

    Hi Tim, this poem is about as haunting and intriguing as they come. Very we done. I wanted more.

    Bob D

  8. Tim -

    I see the building (been in Newark many a time). This poem haunts me; and with each stanza, I long for those last two lines as a symbol of what 's not there really is.

    Happy you're hear.


  9. What can I , but a stunning piece of writing. I love everything about it. the flow and visuals are superb it leaves me feeling inspired, and so glad I read it. thank you for posting. take good care. best wishes. Pete.

  10. Enjoyed this poem, Tim. Thank you for sharing. Good detail and images. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations