Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Realization--By Ranu Uniyal--India


You who might have been in love with ten odd women
But without any pangs of shame held on to her
Like a wild orchid that is tight-shut in a five feet old Egyptian vase
It is a man of skill who fights when half the pulse is gone

No matter what they say and how they do
You have become one with the shadows of memories
They are there in plenty not as lilies that have lost its smell
Spruced and full of light refusing to go with time

Where is the chrysalis that has shaped my knowledge?
When my own flesh has been in the company of strangers
How is it that I speak with such confidence only of you
One who was never mystified by my absence?

Ranu Uniyal lives in Lucknow, India. Poetry keeps her going and is as much a part of her life as her love for humanity. She is a Professor of English at Lucknow University. She has two books of poems: Across the Divide and December Poems to her credit.


  1. Ranu, your poem is so beautiful and heart wrenching and it is so amazing that we are different countries but in so many ways we are all alike, struck by the same things to our very souls, and like the poets we are, spilling out from pens or keyboards........ beautiful poem. Welcome to Whispers. Sheri

  2. Thank you Sheri for a warm response to my poem. We are all from one and the same source of life...love

  3. Ranu, thank you for a well written poem that I enjoyed reading very much. Such descriptive words that touch deep in the heart.

  4. Heartfelt words are captured so eloquently in this beautiful poetry Ranu. Welcome to Whispers, blessings always, Leokadia

  5. Nice and well written, Ranu. Nice message poem. Thank you for sharing.

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  6. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following comment--

    Ranu - tender, touching piece

  7. Thanks a ton Charlene, Anielica, Maurice, Jack Horne and of course Karen for such tender words of appreciation. Love whispers for showcasing our poetry.

  8. A beautiful poem and I am just mesmerized with such well chosen words and expression. All the best.

  9. Hi Ranu, This is such a thought-provoking poem. Although many people enter our lives, sometimes we only feel confident with one. That one is often our true love and soul mate. Bless you for sharing your words. Wishing you joy and peace, Carolyn

  10. Dear Ranu -

    you are an artist with words. Enthralling.


  11. Thanks Carolyn and Kathryn for such kind thoughts.
    warm wishes