Friday, May 23, 2014

At the Pawn Shop--By Elaine George--Canada

At the Pawn Shop

I met her  in a pawn shop on a warm summer night
When running from the rubble of  my shattered life
To sell a broken dream that would never come true
An engagement ring to pay for the rent that was due

There she lay sleeping in a battered rosewood bed
Heart strings breaking in a rusty sea of velvet red
So hauntingly beautiful, she took my breath away
Violin - an old reject who would change my life that day

So I bought Violin and lived out on the street
And played Rhapsody in Blue as coins fell at my feet
And soon we had a  little flat high above the Bay
And every day, I got better with every note I played

Today I am a maestro playing Carnegie Hall
My name in lights blinking on a Marquee Wall
For it was I who saw myself in Violin
A tarnished soul and the beauty buried there within

Born in New Brunswick, Elaine George spent the early years of her life living in Lorneville (a small fishing village along the Bay of Funday) still inhabited by many of her family members.  Much of her writing is inspired by the memories of that place and those wonderful people.  She has published two volumes of poetry and is currently writing a novel entitled Out of the Darkness.  Many of her poems and short stories have appeared in magazines in both Canada and the United States. Currently she lives with her husband in Wainfleet, Ontario.


  1. What a beautiful metaphor in Violin - not only did you bring her to life but to live vicariously in the crescendo of the violin is awesome to me! Beautifully written, Elaine - hope to read more of you! Sheri /

  2. What a great poem, I liked the way you described
    the violin great work Elaine! Mary

  3. Nice poem, Elaine. I love the story woven in the words, The expressions are genuine and the illustrations are clearly seen. Thank you for sharing with us. Continued blessings!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  4. So beautiful, Lainie. I love the way you told this amazing story in verse. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all find beauty within ourselves and reach our highest goals? Love, Carolyn

  5. Lainie, I am just in AWE of your talent as a writer and poet! This beautiful poem moved me to tears as it reaches out to inspire all of us who have gone through trials in life and have succeeded, encouraging those who are still struggling to reach their goals. This poem is truly a work of art that I hope will be read by many. Brava my friend. You are a sparkling Gem as is this poem! Aloha, Connie

  6. Hi Elaine! How lovely finding this excellent poem of yours here! It is one of the best I've read today. Metaphorically speaking it sparkles and touches the heart. It is both inspired and inspiring. I would like to also echo Connie's words: "This poem is truly a work of art". Take care. // paul