Thursday, May 15, 2014

Poet of the Month--Jack Horne

House on Henley Street

By Jack Horne

Remembering a visit to Shakespeare's 'Birthplace'

I closed my eyes and wished him there.
My fingers traced the bricks and slate,
Exploring textures rough and smooth:
The wooden beams, the open grate.

I stepped on creaking floors he’d walked,
And climbed the narrow flight of stairs.
I stopped by windows where he’d stood,
And patted tables, beds and chairs.

The building held his tears and joys.
He seemed so close I hoped we’d meet.
I felt him etched upon the place:
He’d loved the house on Henley Street.

From the editor--It a pleasure to announce that Jack Horne is May’s Poet of the Month.  His is a talented writer and the author of two books.  Readers at Whispers enjoy his poetry.  He has been consistent in encouraging me and others since the onset of the site in January 2013.  Jack has collaborated with several other writers in a variety of poems that have been featured at Whispers.  He has promoted our online journal bringing new writers to our poetry community.  It is a privilege to present Jack with this honor.

Thoughts on “House on Henley Street”--I first read this poem when Jack submitted it for a book called Snippets that I was compiling.  Of course, I accepted it!  Through his eyes, we get to experience Shakespeare’s birthplace with him.  It almost has a haunting feel as Jack awakens part of artistic history for us.  He uses multi-sense images taking readers on the journey through the halls walked by a literary icon.  He captures so much in just twelve lines, one of his best poems. 

Congratulations and thank you Jack!  I appreciate all you do and have done for Whispers.


Karen O’Leary, Editor


  1. Great poem Jack! Congratulation on your honor!
    Your friend,
    David Fox

  2. Congratulations on being selected poet of the month Jack...I enjoyed this poem, and it always brings a smile to my face when reading your limericks. Best Wishes, Chris

  3. Thank you, Arthur Ford, for the following comment--

    good poem by mr. horne.
    i'm familiar with his poetry.
    this one has no leaks, no waste of words and good imagery.
    thanks for sharing it.

    arthur c. ford,sr.,poet/editor

  4. Congrats, Jack Horne on the Poet of The Month! It is a grand selection indeed! Poem selection is also awesome and the reverberation from your words and experience flows to me! And what a tremendous oneness with such a legend! What a joy! What an incredible inspiration when you melded. Thanks for sharing such a strongly felt moment! Congrats again on the honor! Sheri /

  5. Congratulations on being the Poet of the Month, Jack! I have always admired Shakespeare and your poem brings a personal touch ... as though I am there and those are exactly the things I would have done.


  6. Jack, congratulations to you and thanks for this great poem. Shakespeare, a historical genius.

  7. An amazing poem. Brings back memories of my own trip to his house. Congratulations Jack. You deserve the honour.

  8. Congratulations, Jack on your wonderful poem, "House on Henley Street" and for the deserved win!

    I enjoyed the poem, immensely, and it fueled a desire to visit that memorable little house. ;-) Perhaps I'll visit this weekend, on a whim.

    Your poetry style was quite enjoyable and expertise.

    Love and Hugs,

  9. Dear Jack, How I wish I could have been with you when you visited Shakespeare's home! Your well-crafted words took me on an imaginary tour of the site where, in my opinion, the greatest author of all time lived. Bravo! Congratulations on being selected as Poet of the Month. This is a well-deserved honor for you :) Love, Carolyn

  10. Thank you, Beth Winchcombe, for the following comment--

    Reading about Jack's visit to " House on Henley Street" takes one into the world of Shakespeare. Very well written Jack. Very wise choice by Karen to name you poet of the month.....well deserved honour!

  11. Thank you, Andrea Dietrich, for the following--

    Jack, I love the conciseness and the wit of your poetry. This one is a little different than what I usually see from you. I can really see and feel your admiration for Shakespeare. With just a few more lines, you would even have had a sonnet! You are a true and deserving talent. Congratulations for your Poet of the Month honor.


  12. Jack, congratulations on being honored Poet of the Month: a well deserved honor. I loved the poem and thank you for all you have done for Whispers and those of us who read your wonderful poetry.

  13. Congratulations on being selected poet of the month Jack...
    This tribute to Shakespearse's home helps me experience the atmosphere of
    Shakespeare whose work I admire so deeply.
    Well done and thanks for your support of Whispers.

  14. Thank you, Jack Horne, for the following--

    thanks to the kind comments

  15. Thank you, Jean Calkins, for the following--

    Congratulations on Poet of the Month on Whispers. A well-deserved honor.

  16. Hi Jack. I love the "history moments" in your poems. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and congratulation on being named the "Poet of the Month" here at Whispers. You are very deserving. Continued blessings, my friend!

    -Maurice J. Reynolds, Owner / Editor
    TGBTG! Publications / Creative Inspirations

  17. Dear Jack,

    Congratulations on being Poet of the month. I felt like I was walking with you as you visited the house on Henley street. Great visuals as you thoughtfully took us back in time. A well deserved honor, my friend.

    Love Sandra

  18. Congratulations Jack on being poet of the month. This is a wonderful poem, a tribute to William Shakespeare's and his birthplace. It would have been an amazing place to visit. Blessings always, Leokadia