Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Butterfly Flutters By--By Joe Flach--United States

The Butterfly Flutters By

Just when the weight on my shoulders feels heaviest;
Just when my world of problems is making me cry;
Just when the crazies around me are at their craziest …
… the butterfly flutters by.

Just when I reach the end of the rope I hang onto;
Just when I am ready to ask the Good Lord, “Why?”;
Just when my head is about to split in two …
… the butterfly flutters by.

And suddenly, the weight is less heavy;
No tears do I need to cry;
The crazies regain their sanity …
… and the butterfly winks an eye.

The rope is my salvation;
The Good Lord gives His reply;
My head is in one piece again …
... sing praise to the butterfly.

Joe Flach is an amateur poet living in Gig Harbor, WA. Joe has been writing poetry, short stories and song lyrics his entire life but has only recently found the courage to share some of his work with others through internet websites and his own Poetry Facebook Page – “Poems, Lyrics and Stuff by an Average Joe”. As a professional consultant working in the fields of crisis management and disaster recovery, Joe uses has writing as a form of stress release and an opportunity to expand his horizons. Joe is a father of four children who he often relies on as a source for inspiration.


  1. Beautiful poem Joe...A great reminder that when life tries to rob our joy, we cling to the Vine, our hope & salvation! God bless, Chris~

  2. Replies
    1. Joe: Sometimes a human says, "I'm at the end of my rope." I never before thought about what this meant. You have crafted a lovely and thoughtful poem. Thank you.

    2. Sooooo beautiful and so much of what I feel. A joyful read - thank you for posting this for all to touch upon Joe...Rhoda

  3. Nice. A tender and well-written poem. Thanks for sharing, Joe. Continued blessings!

    -MJ (