Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Through a Hole in a Wall--By Russell Sivey--United States

Through a Hole in a Wall

Through a hole in a wall I see beyond
Into a world of white, snow enhanced
Solid ice, slippery it runs on
And I hold onto dreams of a child
I loved days gone by, when life was simpler
When the Earth didn’t seem to battle us
Where I could go skiing with joy
And not see fear in my eyes of storm’s rage
Blizzard warnings that come across
When I’m looking through the hole in the wall
The singular wall of solid ice,
Ice skyscraper stands firm and tall

Russell Sivey lives in the United States and has been writing poetry for 26 years (after his major car accident that left his arm paralyzed). He has been improving year after year. Russell enjoys reading poetry as well as writing it He finds himself listening to almost any type of music. Russell has been with Poetry Soup for almost 3 years and enjoys the poetry that he reads there from his friends. He is currently attending school for a Creative Writing degree with a specialization in Poetry. Yes, that means he will have a poetry degree. He looks forward to reading everyone's poems here on this site. His muse is the moon.


  1. Hi Russell. What a nice poem. Very delightful. Thank you for sharing and continued blessings!

    -MJ (

  2. keep holding those dreams - love this poem

  3. enjoyed the write here Russell, seems right on time for your weather there'

  4. Hi Joe: Not sure where you live. I live in near Phoenix in AZ, and I've never skied. All the snow and ice in your poem sounded soft and pretty to me. so all the snow and ice seemed to have calmed you as a child, but fear has set in -- perhaps you are afraid of terrorists, perhaps of the kind of accidents we know people experience but we don't fathom until we are beyond childhood. Thank you so much for this evocative poem.

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  6. Thank you Russell for a well written descriptive winter poem. I have lived where there was no snow and also where there is. I love to look at the snow but don't care too much to get out in it. I appreciate your talent and thank you for sharing it.