Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ode to My Friends--By Peter Dome--United Kingdom

Ode to My Friends

To all my beloved friends
All over the world
And vast oceans
Your friendship and kindness shown me
Fills me with such joy and emotion
And a golden glow of eternal thanks
And utmost devotion
As I keep you all in my loving heart
And carry you around where ever I go
For you are my world
My family
The only one I know.

Hi, my name is Pete. I live in Sheffield, U.K. I hope you enjoy my poems. I look forward to reading yours. My best wishes. Pete.


  1. Hello, Peter, this poem is so sweet, preciously honest and so humble. You are a beautiful soul! Sheri

  2. This is such a kindhearted poem, a lovely piece.

  3. This poetry is so you, you, you! Always such a joy reading your heart Pete...Rhoda

  4. The pleasure is all ours Peter thanks for sharing your thoughts with us !